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Promotional Biscuits

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Enhance Your Marketing Strategy With Customised Biscuits

Promo Parrot provides a range of fully customisable biscuits. Included within this range are fortune cookies, proven to be extremely popular with both Chinese takeaways and the food based retail market. However, customised biscuit wrappers offer a fantastic marketing opportunity and greatly enhance brand recognition.

When opening a customised fortune cookie, remove uniquely branded to include your company’s logo and name; customers are reminded of your company. This is a powerful marketing tool, entrenching your company in the memory of your clients.

Promo Parrot Provides Fully Customised Biscuits

Our range of customisable fortune cookies are available in a number of coloured wrappings including pink, blue, purple, white, black, red and mint. This allows you to select a colour which matches the existing colour scheme of your brand identity. Included within each cookie is one of five individual yet insightful quotes commenting on the future of the consumer.

The foil wrapping of the fortune cookie series can be printed to include your company or businesses name and logo. To ensure that the design matches your requirements, we email each client an E-proof of their design allowing them to make alterations as required.

At Promo Parrot we place customer service at the forefront of all our transactions. We aim to have all orders distributed and with the customer as quickly as possible. In the case of fortune cookies, this is no longer than three weeks.

For more information about our range of fortune cookies, or for details on customisation options, please feel free to contact our technical team at Promo Parrot on: 0113 3221010, who will be more than happy to hear from you, utilising their years of industry experience to help answer your specific questions. Our office opening hours are from 9:00 until 5:30, Monday to Friday. If you wish to contact us outside of these hours, you can email our sales team directly at the following email address: sales@promoparrot.com.