The 5 best promotional products for the Summer

Enjoy the summer with Promo Parrot!

The summer period is a great time for you to market your business, it’s the time of the year the sun is shining at its brightest, and the people are at their peak happiness. From a marketing standpoint, this makes for an excellent time to promote your business. In this blog find out the products that will truly send your message.

Promotional Bottled Water:

Promotional 330ml Screw Cap WaterA life essential, without a shadow of a doubt. However as the weather becomes increasingly warmer, the prevalence of beverages surges. With people spending more time outside the idea of transportable beverages is key. This is a great dynamic to take in regards to a marketing strategy, as you are providing your potential customers with a practical item. Bottled Water with your company logo emblazoned upon it that can satisfy an immediate need. This is a great way to instil a sense of utility and helpfulness in your potential customers.


Promotional Sunglasses are weather appropriate piece of attire. They are a great Red Wayfarer Sunglassesway to protect the eyes from a harsh summer sun. During the peak summer months, they become a wardrobe essential. From a health standpoint, it is also hugely beneficial. Perhaps a more subtle promotional product, with a smaller branding space, however, it allows for the product to take centre stage, having the potential scope to be a conversation starter amongst clients, rather it being more blatant. Ultimately turning your clients into the coolest customers.

Promotional Frisbees

Promotional Green FrisbeeTaking a more fun dynamic, the Frisbee offers a more enjoyable spin for your marketing campaign. (Pardon the pun) A great product, appealing to children and adults alike. The universal appeal of a Frisbee makes for a great promotional product for a myriad of reasons. Namely the fact it will receive, not only usage but usage in a public space. Meaning if your company logo or information is on it, it acts as a great advertisement to those that see it. (And let’s face it, it never hits its mark anyway), so it’s likely to have a wider spread reach in that regard.


Harkening back to the apparel, T-shirts become an increasingly relevant piece of clothing White Gildan T-shirtduring summertime, functional yet breathable, the near ideal piece of attire. A common piece of streetwear that, really does have universal appeal. This makes for a great marketing piece as it allows marketers to print logos, slogans or images to promote your company’s message as a whole. With a variety of choice in colour options, t-shirt style, and overall fit. Making the concept of a free t-shirt in itself is a highly attractive prospect for potential customers.

Sports Bottles

Promotional sports bottles are another great strategy in regards to summertime Baseline Sports Bottlepromotional products, very versatile in nature. The variety of uses it can be applied to is unrivalled. With the bottle being emptied it can be filled with virtually any cold beverage of choice. As well as it being taken to virtually any event, a picnic, sports event or the even the gym. Sports Bottles offer a great amount of variety in regards to styles, colour and capacity.

Speaking conclusively, all the products listed are all an effective way to market your business. The hardest part comes choosing which one is right for your campaign!

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