5 Promotional Products that are perfect for the Great Outdoors

As the weather gradually improves us Brits gradually make the transition to spending an increasing amount of time in the outdoors. Frankly, we all know it is a part of the human condition, as soon as the sun comes out in the UK, it is mandatory to spend as much time as physically possible, basking in the sun. Why not be boon to your clients with the following promotional products.

Promotional Footballs:

Football, a stereotypically English pass-time. Beloved by the majority of the population. Not to forget that is a great way to keep in shape! It is also great unifier, bringing people from all ages and backgrounds together. A promotional football makes for a great promotional product. It allows you to you to share that passion with your clients, positioning your business as highly approachable, relatable and understanding.


With the good, comes the necessary. I wish this blog to remain upbeat and positive, however, I cannot shelter you from the reality that is … British Summertime weather. An umbrella is a necessary evil, the connotations may seem dreary and bleak, however, if you have the foresight to offer your clients a means of sheltering themselves from the unwanted rain. You have offered your clients a unique and memorable product, that is synonymous with your brand due to it being branded with your company logo.

Talon Bottle Opener Keyring:

Allow your clients to remain the life of the party with a promotional bottle opener. This particular product is possibly the most practical on this list. Combining two incredibly useful items, it makes for a very strong product. It is ideal for any social gathering your clients may be in attendance of. Furthermore, it also would suggest to your audience that your business is friendly, approachable and fun.  The effectiveness and reach of this product knows no bounds as more often than not, the product will always be on the audiences’ person, therefore anybody they come into contact with is a potential secondary audience. Overall making this an effective and mutually beneficial item from business to the client.

Sun Lotion:

As soon as the sun rears it’s welcome head, it is the necessity of sun lotion becomes increasingly prevalent. So why not offer your clients a means to help, through the use of a promotional sun lotion. In this specific example, what we offer at Promo Parrot specifically has a carabiner clip, allowing it to be attached to either a belt loop or backpack for the sake of ease and utility. Due to its compact sizing, it becomes an easily transported product, which is absolutely essential to making a promotional product effective.

Pandora Tin Mug:

An absolute camping essential, tin mugs are known for their sturdy and rugged nature. They make for a great alternative to the conventional mug, allowing your audience to enjoy their warm beverage in the great outdoors. The ideal promotional product for the avid camper. It can also access a secondary audience of individuals that have an interest in things that have a vintage or retro aesthetic, with an enamelled paintwork, available with your company branding. It is the ideal way to convey your brand as homely and warming, by offering your clients the means to nourish themselves.

For any more information needed on any of the other products we have, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our sales team on 0113 3221010, alternatively, you can email us at sales@promoparrot.com


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