5 things you need to know about BPA-Free Sports Bottles

Sports bottles, whether reusable or plastic, are used everyday by millions of people around the world. Liquid that comes into contact with these bottles is being ingested on a consistent basis on a large scale. This means that any loose BPA particles within the water bottles can be carried away an ingested too.

Studies have shown that some of these particles are potentially harmful. One in particular is BPA, which you may have seen in the news.

What is BPA?

BPA is short for Bisphenol A. a chemical that is quite often found in consumer goods. It is a solid material that is colourless, it is soluble in organic solvents, but it is poorly soluble in water. BPA has been in commercial use since 1957 (around 60 years) and is used to make various resins and plastics. BPA plastic gets turned into CDs, DVDs, sports equipment, sports bottles and other goods. BPA epoxy resins are often used to line food and beverage cans.

An estimated 10 billion pounds of BPA was produced for plastic manufacturing in 2011, making it one of the highest volume chemicals produced worldwide. BPA is potentially harmful chemical, and because it is so widely used, the concerns surrounding it are severe.

To help you understand more about this chemical, and particularly how it affects your sports bottle use. Below are 5 things that you need to know about BPA and BPA-free Sports Bottles.

1. The health benefits of BPA-free sports bottles

A growing amount of research links BPA with some major health concerns, such as a higher risk of certain cancers, reduced fertility, diabetes and birth defects. These concerns even lead to a California ban on BPA. The state also added it to its list of toxic chemicals.

This is raw BPA Resin

BPA-free sports bottles reduce these concerns by eliminating the chemical from its material. BPA-free sports bottles can be used without the risk of BPA consumption.

2. Are BPA-free sports bottles more expensive?

BPA-free sports bottles can be purchased for the same prices as bottles containing BPA these days.

As scientific evidence continued to mount over the last decade, more and more companies were pressured to remove BPA from their products. Some of the more well-known reusable sports bottle brands recalled all of their bottles that contained BPA and removed it from all future products. With big companies removing this, it has prompted others to follow suit.

3. How to determine whether a bottle contains BPA

There is no definitive way to determine whether a sports bottle contains BPA without testing it. However, with a quick look there are a few signs that can indicate its presence.

First, look for all the arrows with numbers in the middle that are typically stamped on plastic items, like these:

A number 7 or the letters ‘PC’ (polycarbonate) will often indicate that the product contains BPA. Again, this is not 100% true, but most products made with polycarbonate contain Bisphenol A.

4. Where to buy promotional BPA-free sports bottles

BPA-free sports bottles are available throughout the UK. They are not as readily available as those that contain BPA, but awareness has grown to the point where many companies have either pivoted to BPA-free bottles or have started up in order to specialise on creating these products.

Here at Promo Parrot, we sell 100% BPA-free sports bottles. Our sports bottles are safe for drink consumption and come in a range of styles. View all of our BPA-free sports bottles here.

5. What about other products containing BPA?

Other products that could potentially contain BPA include:

  • Food cans
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Contact lenses
  • Baby Bottles
  • Electronic devices
  • And more

If you are concerned about any of these products that may contain BPA, please read the packaging or contact the manufacturer for further details.

For more information about our promotional products or for a quote don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us on 0113 3221010 or email sales@promoparrot.com

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