Are printed tote bags still effective in 2019?

Are printed tote bags still effective in 2019?Many businesses are beginning to look for ways in which they can promote their business this year, and marketing departments are looking for the next big thing and looking to reach new heights with their marketing. But many are overlooking the simple solutions that can aid with this.

Promotional bags are one of the most effective promotional items that are available. This is down to many reasons, including cost and branding area. At Promo Parrot, we stand by the motto “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!”. Printed tote bags are a promotional product that have been around for years and has always worked. When you are looking for the next promotional product that you are going to use, ensure that you are looking for products that have been on the market for a while and that have proven results.

Horizon Tote Bag

Promo Parrot’s Horizon Tote Bag

With ample branding area available, promotional shopping bags are a great way to get your logo and contact information in front of those who matter most to your business. With the ability to print from 1 colour to full colour, the branding opportunities are endless. By displaying your logo and/or contact information on a product that is useful allows for your customers to have a constant reminder about your brand.

Branded tote bags are a great addition to the marketing campaign of any business, with a large array of different uses there are endless opportunities for you to add them to your marketing arsenal. They work well on their own or accompanied by other promotional items or materials. In general, a promotional tote bag is able to withstand use for years, meaning that your investment is sure to generate extra leads for your business.

Rainham Tote Bag

Promo Parrots Rainham Tote Bag

Printed cotton bags are a great giveaway due to the amount of uses that they have. Any promotional product that has a practical use is bound to stay in the hands of your target audience for a much longer period of time. Eco-friendly printed bags are a great way for your brand to be remembered for years to come.

Are printed tote bags here to stay?

Promotional tote bags have been around for several years now and have always been popular. This allows for many companies and organisations to invest their time and effort into promoting their brands through the use of promotional shopping bags.

Branded cotton bags are going to be around for a long time allowing for you to rest assured that your brand will benefit from using them as a part of your next marketing campaign. With many companies turning to the internet more and more for inspiration, lots of marketing departments are forgetting about the large variety of offline marketing techniques that are available to them.

Camden Tote Bags

Our Camden Tote Bag

Promotional bags are highly effective and are here to stay. Make sure to take full advantage of this by including them as a part of your next marketing campaign or event. They make a great giveaway at a number of events as they are great for carrying around all of the other goodies that you receive. This allows for any company to take full advantage of an event to promote to all that are in the venue.

As well as that, printed tote bags are one of the best products to use if you are looking for a high return on investment. They are essentially a walking billboard, meaning that more people are seeing your logo or message, compared to that of a singular leaflet. Thus, allowing for your brand to gain both traction and awareness.  The main reason that many companies use printed tote bags is down to the fact that they are a cost-effective marketing medium. With the ability to take advantage of the economies of scale by purchasing larger quantities, you are reducing the cost per impression drastically.

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