Effective marketing strategies for small businesses

It is often a point of contention amongst marketers “what are the most effective marketing strategies?” In this blog, I’ll be going over the importance of marketing your business, and the overall benefits of each.

Regular Customer E-mail Campaigns:

E-mail Campaign

Customer E-mail Campaigns are a great way to reach out directly to your customers, to engage and interact with them on a semi-personal level. Sending out customer E-mails could not be any easier, with software such as MailChimp. Allowing you to categorise and segment your audience into manageable chunks, allowing to tailor the right E-mail, to the right customer base. The reasoning this is so effective is due to the element of personality you can write into an email, targeting exclusive clientele, or just to keep your customers updated on the latest products, offers and deals.

Separating your market, finding your niche:

Piggybacking off of the idea previously hinted at, it is ridiculously important fact to know. It allows to you to plan campaigns around them, knowing their needs, wants and truly getting into their psyche. The reasoning for this is so you can truly appeal and effectively sway them your way over your competitors! Some examples of this could be separating by age. As you can segment by knowledge and understanding in that sense. So if you were to be marketing your business towards an audience of 18-25-year-olds, the best way to reach them directly would be through the use of social media advertising, as the demographics do often spend a great amount of time on social network platforms. Conversely, this would be the opposite for an older demographic of around 50+, so more conventional strategies, even to go as far as utilising physical paper advertisements to reach them, due the demographic consuming their media differently. This stresses the overall importance of knowing your audience to market in the most effective way.

Create valuable content for your site:

Blog writing

A great marketing idea, and no, it is not conventional or malicious sense. It involves utilising social networks and viral marketing tactics in order to generate new leads, as well as sparking interest in your audience.
In regards to SEO, posting regular content is of absolutely critical importance. To start with, it is a great way to prove that your site is actively worked on and updated regularly. This is especially great, in the eyes of Google. Primarily because it appeases their algorithms, thusly improving your overall SEO for your page. The thing to bear in mind with this is that it will be a slow-burning process, something to be updated consistently and built up over time. The results of it may not be instantaneous but they pay off and benefits have huge potential.

Let the work you do echo the success:

As a company one of the most important aspects to consider is the work you do in itself. Your performance and effectiveness reflect on your customers and clientele. If your clients have a positive association with your business they will be much more inclined to work with you. This is called customer retention. This can be iterated in a variety of ways. One the best ways to show that you’ve put in a great amount of effort in, via customer reviews. This demonstrates the fact your customers appreciate the effort made, as well as the fact that it demonstrates to prospective customers that you are a reliable and credible business, therefore making it a very effective strategy.

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