On the go: How promotional products can stop the war on waste

Promotional travel mugs and cups are great giveaways that can help to show how eco-friendly your business is. Walking into your local café and passing the barista a reusable travel mug to put your coffee into, it is so simple yet effective in the reduction of waste, it’s a small change and one that could have a huge impact on the environment.

Paper Cups: A Growing Problem

For most of us, grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning is almost as natural as breathing. Particularly for those who are in a rush (most of us on a morning!) buying your coffee on the go is a great time saving option. The only time that many of us think about the growing amount of waste is when we see the paper cups left out or thrown in the streets. Almost all of us don’t think about the enormous build up of these cups and the effect that they have on the environment.

Coffee Cup WastePaper Cups – A Global Issue

The amount of waste produced by discarded coffee cups is staggering. 10,000 coffee cups are thrown away in the UK alone every 2 minutes! That’s an average of 7 million cups each year, and this number is still rising. Even if you put these cups in the recycling in, they are not being re-purposed. To make the paper coffee cups waterproof, they are coated with polyethylene, this means they are not recyclable. It’s not entirely the fault of consumers, these paper cups are marketed as eco-friendly, some even feature a recycling feature a recycling symbol on the paper sleeve. Huge coffee chains like Starbucks and Costa Coffee are aware of this problem but they aren’t willing o tell their customers, because they want to appear wholly sustainable.

Now Comes Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

The fastest way to reduce this waste is to change the material these cups are made from. The only way for this to happen is for these companies to be pressured by the consumer. The coffee drinkers of the UK are the only thing keeping them running, the risk of losing profit could spark change in these corporations and make them realise that waste is a problem we all face, and it starts with the responsibility of businesses. Another, more immediate change we can make is to ask baristas to put our coffees in re-useable cups.

The Americano Mug range is a great way to start reducing this. They are made from Polypropylene Plastic which makes them highly durable. With the ability to print some of the styles in full colour, and with mix and match lid and grip colours they are highly customisable too. With the Americano range being produced in the UK, no extra pollution is created as they are not needed to be shipped overseas.Distribute eco-friendly promotional products today and at you next event and do your part in reducing the amount of waste that is created every year.

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