How Social Networks are beneficial to your business

In this blog we will be discussing the impact that Social Networks can have on your business.

Social Networks are an incredibly useful tool for a business, for a myriad of purposes. One of them is to build a rapport with your customer base. With the capabilities that Social Networks provide, with it being a platform that is accessible to a huge audience. As well as interact with them directly, this can either be through the use. This can be done through the use of frequent posting, active discussion and interaction. This can, over time, accumulate to create a sense of community amongst your followers, extending this to potential customers. Having a profile on a social network creates an element of personality and direct contact with your customers, rather than being a faceless entity.

Utility as a Marketing Tool

They also make for an excellent marketing tool. As it enables you as a business to release information regularly, such as updates, new products and reviews. This relieves a great amount of stress from a marketing standpoint, as it is a severely cheaper alternative, in comparison to other marketing methods. Dependent on your business, it could save a huge amount on your budget for advertising. When talking about the realm of advertising, some Social Networks do offer business-specific tools and functions. A great example of this is Facebook’s ability to “boost a post”. This allows for you to improve the overall reach of your post at that time. It comes with a range of customisable options, suit a budget, location and time. This allows you to broaden the audience that post will reach, potentially expanding your customer base. LinkedIn offers a similar service, other than the system itself is more of an internal advertisement, featuring more conventional advertising tactics, namely a banner system, appearing on the side of the users’ screen.

Customer Interaction

Social Networks are a well of activity, ripe to be tapped into. A prime example of this is Twitter’s trending and explore page. These pages, in particular, are filled to the brim with active conversations between other users, discussing relevant topics. Making it a great way to way to appeal to a wider audience, via incorporating these themes specifically. An example of a ridiculously successful hashtag was the “#shareacoke, however, it did stem from a more ‘conventional’ marketing campaign, yet sparked a huge talking point amongst Twitter users.  This offers a free resource to contribute into and to gain an insight into how different audiences respond differently to social media.

Improving the overall image of your business

A lot of the time, businesses as whole come across an issue frequently. The problem is that businesses appear to come across as a mass, faceless entity. Social Networks are a great way to overcome this. Frequent social network posts allow you to give a face to show to your audience and customer base, this can be either through the posting of regular, friendly responses. Furthermore the use of images, such as pictures of the staff, or the use of “memes” is a great way to appear relatable and personable, to truly identify with your audience. Another way in which that business can benefit is through the implementation of a review system. It is mutually beneficial service, between the business and the user, as it boosts the overall appeal of your page and ultimately boosts the overall popularity of your company.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, about some of the ways in which you can use to enhance your brand awareness for your business.

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