Is it the end of the road for plastic bags?

This is one of the questions that we are hearing more and more. Well in short there is for definitive answer to this question. There are many reasons as to why the Government didn’t ban plastic bags totally, but why do shops still sell them over more durable, higher quality bags?

The honest answer behind this is the fact that the shops are not making very little money, if any, from these bags any more. For every single use 5p carrier bag that is purchased the shop gives that money to charity. This then helps to raise awareness for the sheer volume of plastic waste that we are seeing in our Oceans and in landfills.

Plastic Bags in the OceanSo why are shops not selling bags that are recyclable? I hear you ask, well to be honest, the answer is quite simple. It’s mainly down to the cost that is involved with purchasing bags that are both environmentally friendly but also reusable. The reason that they are so costly is down to material and the thickness of this material. Recyclable carrier bags are normally made from a weaker material so that it is able biodegrade quicker, but with this comes the risk of having weaker bags.

There are many other ways in which this issue can be solved. Including selling Cotton Tote Bags, only selling reusable bags or encourage customers to bring their own bags with them. Obviously, no shop is ever going to stop selling bags to their customers as it is a great promotion for them as they get to have their logo displayed on those bags. This is hugely beneficial to any business as they are able to increase their exposure, without actively spending lots of money on advertisements.

Branded BagsHere at Promo Parrot, we have a number of solutions to help businesses with this issue. We have a large range of environmentally friendly bags that are made from plastic to cotton. Below you can see 3 of our best-selling bags.

Horizon Tote Bag

The Horizon Tote Bag is by far our most popular bag. We put this down to a large number of reasons, with the biggest being the versatility of the bag. A bag needs to be able to hold many items and be used more than once, especially when it is a tote bag.

The Horizon Tote Bag comes in a variety of colours, and with the option to print your logo on them there is bound to be a colour bag to suit your branding. Along, with this comes the pricing, the Horizon Tote Bag is a well-priced for the quality.

Rainham Tote Bag

Our Rainham Tote Bag is another popular bag, however this one is slightly different to the Horizon. The main difference is that this bag is made from Non-Woven Polypropylene rather than Cotton. This means that the Rainham Tote Bag is a highly durable bag, that will last a long time. Along with the added of printing your logo, this bag is the perfect promotional gift for any company.With the use of a promotional bag, you are able to generate a ‘giveaway pack’ that will add value not only to your brand, but to the products that you are giving away as well.

Medium Reinforced Plastic Carrier Bag

If you are still looking to use a plastic carrier bag, then this is the bag of choice. This is the middle of the 3 bags in this range, coming in white as standard this bag will match any promotional campaign. This is one of the most effective ways to market any business. However, with plastic bags comes the addition of a higher minimum order quantity. This is down to the fact that to make it cost effective at least 1000 bags need to be produced.

For more information about our promotional products or for a quote don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us on 0113 3221010 or email

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