Promotional Stickers – Make your brand stick!

If you are wanting a low-cost promotional item that doesn’t compromise on quality or appeal? Promotional stickers are where it is at!

Promotional stickers are great when accompanied with an eye-catching design. It is not only a fun way to engage with you clients, but children are also attracted to them. The stickers can be used in many ways, from decorating the fridge in the kitchen to laptops and tablets, the uses are endless. Customers who identify with your message or organisation, or who even just thinks the sticker design is cool and stick is somewhere that is quite prominent as this then generates a great visual campaign for you and your brand.

Stick out like a sore thumb

Wanting your business to stand out in the 21st Century? Then it is worth stepping back from the overcrowded Social Media Marketing Arena and sticking to something that it tangible. The majority of consumers today are often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of digital noise, but a physical sticker is a welcome break that brings people back to reality. Hand promotional stickers out as free giveaways at trade fairs or workshops and ensure that your company message makes it into people’s hands.

Different types of promotional stickers

Promotional stickers work well for just about any business that wants visibility and connection with its customers. If one of your goals is getting your logo recognised, focus on creating a sleek design and have it printed in full colour to make the end product, perfect for company events, trade shows and fundraisers.

Want to make your sticker promotion seem more like a gift, then try out our Stickers on a Roll – This product allows for you have a large roll of stickers that can easily be broken up into strips. Perfect for those promotions whilst on the move.

If you’re after a higher-quality sticker, for a car or other vehicles, then you should check out our Self-Adhesive Window Stickers – Available in 2 different styles (round or rectangular) this sticker is great for those who are traveling. Your clients are going to be boasting your brand to those around them.

Why use promotional stickers?

As I am sure that you are aware, many businesses are now moving into the digital scene.  Well, now is the perfect time for you to take a step away from it and give your promotion a personal feel.

When you are giving away a promotional sticker, you are representing your brand, so customers feel as if they know someone who works for the business. This allows for them to feel more of a connection and responsibility to use you and your business.

Also, with the addition of a bright design, it allows for your customers/attendees to become a “walking billboard”. They will be walking around with your sticker on them and promoting your business at the same time. This is not an opportunity to be missed!

When is a good time to use promotional sticker?

To be quite honest, any time is a good time to use a promotional sticker. They are not a seasonal product compared to others, such as umbrellas and sun block. This means that they are a perfect product to have for any event.

However, to contrast the above points there are certain times when a promotional sticker is not the best promotional product to be using. For example, if your business is celebrating its 10-year anniversary, you wouldn’t be wanting to be giving customers a sticker as this wouldn’t last for a long time. Instead, you could possible give them a promotional mug, bag or pen.

To conclude, a promotional sticker is a great product for the majority of events. Not only are they a handy product to giveaway, but they are also cost effective too. With the addition of a bright design, they are perfect for use at load of different events, so you might want to buy more than you need for your first event to take full advantage of the economies of scale.

For any more information needed on promotional stickers, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our sales team on 0113 3221010, alternatively, you can email us at

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