Promotional Drawstring Bags

Promotional Drawstring Bags

Bags have always been a popular promotional product with things like their large branding area, portability and ease of use. One of the most popular variants of printed bags have been Promotional Drawstring Bags. More than just a gym bag, these can be used for all manner of different things and are very effective with their branding. Well in this blog post we will be looking at various different aspects of marketing your business with these great walking adverts; how and why they are so effective and how they can be used by both you and your customer.

The origins of promotional drawstring bags…

Drawstring bagsAlthough the design of the drawstring bag has become quite iconic and memorable since its conception, the original design was a whole lot different. Originally called a chalk bag (pictured left) would hold powdered chalk and would be attached to someone’s harness, belt or climbing equipment while climbing rocky surfaces. The chalk is used to increase a climber’s grip on the rough surface and this style of bag was chosen for its ease of use. You can open it up easily, with 1hand if you need to, and then pull the cord to close it and ensure very little chalk will fall out for the rest of your climb. The modern design of drawstring bags comes with added security as well. With both of the straps over your shoulders, there is no way to loosen the strings and open the bag without taking the bag off of your bag. This means that nothing is likely to fall out of your bag or taken out of your bag without you noticing.

Uses of drawstring bags…

Reflective drawstring bagThe most common use for promotional drawstring bags is for sporting occasions and fitness. Carrying sporting clothes to and from the event or carrying your gym clothes. This association has come about because of the ease of use that comes with these bags. Simply pull open take what you need out or put something in then pull the strings on the side to tighten and close the bag and take on your merry way. Not only has that but their small size made them perfect for carrying things like that on your back with ease. Plus the design makes carrying equipment easy as well. Things like tennis rackets and badminton rackets can be placed in the bag with the handle sticking out and then just pull the strings tight and then the rackets aren’t going anywhere. The uses of promotional drawstring bags reach a lot further than sport and fitness though. Lots of people use them for general carrying use. I personally have been using one to carry food and drinks to work as it is simple, safe and small. Perfect for traveling on public transport or by car or bicycle. We actually sell promotional drawstring bags that have a reflective stripe on them. Perfect for cyclists and children to ensure that they are clearly visible for road users.

Why are they so darn effective?

Celtic Vapours Drawstring BagMost of our promotional drawstring bags come with a large print area that covers a large space on the front of the bag. This means that your very own printed drawstring bags can be very attention grabbing as the massive size of the print is move visible to people on the go and can reach people from greater distances. Not only that but because of the functionality of bags, your advert is likely to reach a large number of people with your clients carrying it around on their backs as they travel around. This ensures that your logo will reach many people.

The best ways to distribute your promotional drawstring bags…

Travel Express Drawstring BagThere are a few different ways you can distribute your promotional drawstring bags. Their light-weight and ease of folding makes them a great gift to send to clients through the mail! Simply fold it up, slide it into an envelope and dispatch it to your client. There is also the face to face option where you simply give it to them as a gift when they see you at a trade show or exhibition. They would also make a great gift to give out alongside a product or service that your supply as an incentive to purchase your goods. Offering a little extra on top of the service you already give can be the little push to make your client decide to purchase the product.

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Have you ever branded your own set of promotional drawstring bags? What do you think of these walking billboards? Let us know in the comments below or reach out to us on our social media! Don’t be afraid to share this blog post across the net.

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