Promotional Easter Products

Promotional Easter Products

Easter is coming! Considered one of the major holidays in the UK, it’s no wonder that so many companies and businesses jump on the wagon and promote alongside the holiday with promotional Easter products to boost brand awareness and sales. There are a lot of different ways to brand alongside the holiday as there is lots of different imagery and icons that are used with Easter it’s just a case of choosing what you want to do.

Promotional Easter Products - Easter EggsStarting with the most obvious product to brand during this holiday, that being promotional Easter Eggs. These are good for any charity Easter egg hunts or giveaways. Everybody loves chocolate and would love to receive your branded Easter eggs. It’s a staple of the holiday and people are going to want to collect as many Easter eggs as they can so join in on their collection and get a bit of advertising done at the same time. Some people are often confused where and how the egg has become a symbol of Easter and don’t see the connection. The egg is a symbol of rebirth and new life. With the holiday of Easter being based around the Christian story of the resurrection of Jesus the connection becomes clear. Now is the perfect time to get some branded Easter eggs these can be bought in various quantities and they come in a full colour box which can be branded however you would like.

Promotional Easter Products - Chick Stress ToyA common saying that is thrown around a lot is “don’t count your chickens before they hatched”. So if you don’t want to supply your clients with a delicious chocolate treat for them to enjoy, the next best thing would be to give them the chicken. Promotional stress toys are a great promotional product as they can be themed around anything you like so there’s no wonder that it can even be applied to Easter. We would recommend this cute promotional Easter product in the shape of a chick bursting out of its eggshell of something similar. Similar to the eggs, chicks are used to symbolise new life and may just be the thing to inject new life into your marketing. We can do stress toys of any shape and size so if you have any alternative idea, don’t be afraid to inquire.

Promotional Easter Products - Rabbit Message BugsAnother great promotional Easter product can be things like bunny ear headbands and bunny message bugs, message bugs specifically are a great and fun way to advertise your business as they are so diverse these can be stuck to almost any surface. A good way to distribute these little promotional Easter products would be to have them hidden amongst Easter eggs in egg hunts or just have them as a giveaway at any Easter fares, the ribbon the animal sits on can be branded with up to full colour and they are a cost effective popular promotional item. These message bugs come in almost every animal you can think of but around this time of year the well-known Easter bunny is a popular one.  The Easter bunny legend comes from America in the 1700s where it was said that good children who created good nests in their bonnets would be rewarded by the Easter bunny coming and laying colourful eggs in the nests. The bunny isn’t the only animal associated with laying eggs as different countries and cultures have different beliefs that include different animals such as foxes and cuckoos. The message bugs can be turned around very fast and have a 7-10 day lead time which is perfect if you need a promotional Easter product last minute.

That is just a few ideas that we have regarding promotional Easter products. Have  you ever done a promotion themed around easter or just want to share your ideas? Well leave a comment below or reach out to us on our social media channels!

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