How can promotional products boost the awareness of your brand?

How promotional products can enhance brand awarenessPromotional products are one of the most effective ways that your brand can generate a greater brand awareness. This is not only effective in smaller business but is also used by many larger companies.

In the article below we look at how some of the larger companies have used promotional products in the past!

All companies can use promotional products to boost their brand awareness, however, some do this with great success. One of the most notable is Coca-Cola. In regard to, the promotional products that they used, there was a large range and this article is going to cover those.

Share a Coke

The most memorable promotional product campaign that they were running was the ‘Share a Coke With …” campaign. This is one of the more memorable campaigns due to the fact that the customer gets the satisfaction that they have a bottle of Coca-Cola with their name on it.

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As well as the point above, the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign attracted people who drink other brands of fizzy drinks to Coca-Cola as they are able to have their name on a well-known drinks supplier. This has in turn encouraged more and more people to buy a soft-drink that is produced by Coca-Cola, which in turn has gifted them a much larger share in the market that they are targeting.

The ‘Share a Coke’ campaign was a great way to raise brand awareness as everybody was out to get their own name on a bottle of Coca-Cola.

There are many other promotional items that Coca-Cola have used but they are not as memorable as the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign.

Bottle Openers

The first one that comes to mind is the bottle openers that they produced around 4-5 years ago now. Those were one of the most sought-after items when they were first released as they were not only designed to open bottles with the standard metal lids. They had a few different uses such as the ability to open the twist metal caps and plastic caps, and they were able to open the cans too.

Triple Play Bottle OpenerBy having such a unique item, it allowed for them to make the most of the opportunity that they had, and they took full advantage. By doing this it meant that their customers felt valued and because of this would be willing to spread the word about how they have one of promotional bottle openers that everyone wanted. By generating such hype around this product, it meant that the first thing that came to mind when people were thinking about soft drinks they were immediately thinking of the promotional bottle opener that Coca-Cola had produced.

Bottle Shaped Bottle Opener

There is also another type of bottle opener that they have previously produced prior to the one mentioned above. This one was in the shape of a bottle, with the bottle opener attached to the neck of the bottle. By having this design, it allowed for them to be more creative with their marketing campaign based around this.

Coke bottle openerOverall, Coca-Cola have released around 7 different types of promotional bottle openers and most likely have plans to release more in the future.

This was a very good way to raise their brand awareness, not only were they helping their customers with giving them a practical item, but they were putting their brand name on all of those things that were helping people out.

Umbrellas and Flags

One of the promotional products that are always seen branded with Coca-Cola’s logo are umbrellas. This is due to the simple fact that the British Weather needs to be taken seriously. With Coca-Cola having their branding all over an umbrella it allows for them to have their name on display even on the dullest of days.

Coke UmbrellaThe umbrellas are also accompanied by the promotional flags that you see at all of Coca-Cola’s events. These flags work perfectly alongside the umbrellas as they are both perfect for different types of weather. In the summer, many companies don’t give away printed umbrellas as they wouldn’t get used, instead, they invest their money into other promotional summer items that are more appropriate to the time of year.

Printed umbrellas are always a great promotional giveaway especially in the winter months, Coca-Cola have perfected the use of printed umbrellas. They have them at every event that they hold, especially in the winter months.

Sports Bottles

During the World Cup and the Olympics, Coca-Cola run a promotion giving away promotional sports bottles, these bottles are not always associated with the Coca-Cola brand, they are sometimes related to the other products that they produce. A good example of this is the promotional Powerade bottles that they were giving away during the 2012 Olympics.

The sports bottles are a more effective medium for targeting the younger side of their audience, allowing for them to potentially reach more customers. Along with being able to target a new market, they are also sponsoring an event at the same time, this, therefore, gives them double the airtime as people will see their sports bottles an also see them on TV whilst watching the various sporting events that they sponsor.

Sports bottles were one of the most successful products that Coca-Cola have used to raise their brand awareness. This was used in the 2016 European Football Championships, the reason that they were so successful is down to the fact that they were not promoting the overall brand of Coca-Cola, but one of the products they produce (Powerade).


Coca-Cola have also used USB’s in the past. The USB’s that they used we very bespoke to them meaning that they were able to generate a great response from giving them away at various events that they were attending. Although promotional USB’s are quite an expensive item to purchase they do generate a greater brand awareness, this is mainly due to the fact that once people receive the USB, they are always going to be used within their daily life.


Yes, you have read that correctly Coca-Cola have made promotional footballs. They run this campaign every year to raise awareness of child labour. This campaign is not only raising awareness of Coca-Cola’s brand but is also raising the awareness that child labour is still happening on a daily basis.

Why footballs you may ask, well Coca-Cola have chosen footballs as they see that as one of the main products that children in third world countries are making. The footballs are then given away to the children in those countries to allow them to have more of a sense of childhood rather than them having to make footballs for the majority of their life.

This is one of the most consistent campaigns that they run, this campaign is slowly gaining more and more traction as the customers are becoming more aware of what Coca-Cola are doing.

McDonald’s Glasses

There is one campaign that everybody will remember that was actually run 7 years ago now. McDonald’s were at the forefront of giving the glasses away, but Coca-Cola were behind the idea.

Before we go into the detail as to how this benefited both companies, lets take a look at the reasoning behind it.

Coca-Cola are one of the world largest soft-drinks brands, they celebrated their 125th anniversary back in 2011, and to celebrate this they decided that they wanted to give back to their customers. One of the biggest decisions that they made was to get loads of glasses made that were shaped like the base of a Coca-Cola bottle and have it in the style of their retro bottles.

Now, how did this help both companies out?

Well, the answer is very simple. McDonalds is the world’s leading fast food outlet and Coca-Cola is one of the largest soft-drinks brands. When two companies come together on such a large project there are many things that could go wrong but this went down without a hitch.

Both companies gained from this a McDonalds were seeing larger numbers of customers as they were wanting a promotional glass, and Coca-Cola were gaining as they were getting their glasses distributed around generating more awareness.

Silicone Wristbands

Silicone wristbands are a great way to boost any brands awareness. Coca-Cola have used silicone wristbands in many of their different campaigns. But the most recent was during the 2016 European Football Championships alongside their promotional Powerade bottles. The promotional wristbands made these a more desirable product as the wristband could be debossed with a quote from a list and a name that you were able to type in on their website.

Another time that they had used them was during the 2011 125th anniversary glasses giveaway at McDonalds. This was a great addition to the overall effect of the marketing campaign that was run at that time. The glasses were for use at home, but many people were wearing the wristbands the second that they were given them. This was generating a greater brand awareness due to the fact that they were so recognisable.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, about some of the ways in which Coca-Cola have used promotional products to enhance their brand awareness.

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