What promotional products are expected to be successful in 2018?

This is a question that we want to address right at the start of the year, as we deem this important. Many companies are looking for what will be the big promotional product of the year in 2018. In the following article is what we at Promo Parrot believe will be some of the most successful promotional products in 2018.


We believe that notebooks are going to be a successful product in 2018. Not only are they a good product that can be used for work, but many people also use them for writing notes for things that they have to do when they are at home or even use them for a shopping list.We think that due to the many uses that they have, promotional notebooks will be used by everybody no matter what they are doing. With this information in mind, you are a step closer to knowing what promotional product you should choose for 2018.

At Promo Parrot we have a range of notebooks which can be seen by clicking here.

Travel Mugs

Another promotional item that we believe will be a huge success this year are travel mugs. Travel mugs are useful both for traveling and for general office use.

Yes, we get it, they are called travel mugs so why use them in the office? Well, the answer is simple, we have all been in that situation where you have made a hot drink and then got distracted and started to tackle a task and forget all about that hot drink you made. You then go to drink it and its cold. This whole issue can be solved with the use of a travel mug.

At Promo Parrot we have a selection of travel mugs which can be viewed here.

Cotton and Tote Shopping Bags

Cotton and tote shopping bags are always a big seller in the promotional merchandise sector. We think that this is down to the fact that all consumers and clients’ needs bags especially with the charge for the single-use plastic carrier bags. So, by using printed cotton and tote bags you are killing 2 birds with one stone. You are getting your brand name out there and you are giving your clients a bag that they can use for their shopping which then saves them some money.

We think that it is possible that shopping bags will be in the top promotional items at the end of the year too. Every year the number of orders for bags goes up, therefore they must be working. They are worth a try for your business.

At Promo Parrot we have a large range of cotton and tote shopping bags which can be seen here.

Power Banks

Power banks are expected to become one of the most sought-after promotional products this year. Mainly due to the fact that they are always useful, as we move further into the technological age more and more people are needing to charge their mobile devices whilst on the move. By providing your clients with a promotional power bank you are allowing them to stay inline whilst on the move, and you will always be in their mind as you are the people that saved their lives.

To see the range of power banks click here.

We believe that power banks are going to be in the 10 3 bestselling items in 2018. This means that we are backing this product for the whole of the year. Power banks are both effective for you clients and employees, so they are perfect for promoting your business.

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