Must Have Promotional Products This Winter


As the colder months of the year are fast approaching, there are some must have promotional products this winter. Rather than offering your clients something small and unwanted, why not give them an item they will find useful all winter long.

Travel Mugs

Travel mugs are the way to your clients hearts this winter. While you may look at a travel mug and think it’s a mug, you clients will look at it as a gift for them to help them survive their commute to work throughout the cold winter months.

Americano and PoloWhether they are filled with a creamy hot chocolate or an energy filled coffee, they will always look good with your logo on them. With different styles available, you are bound to find one that will suit your promotional needs this winter.At Promo Parrot we have 2 popular styles of travel mug; The Americano and The Polo Plus Travel Mug.

The Polo Plus Travel Mug the standard travel mug with a plastic handle and lid. With a double-walled exterior, this travel mug will keep your drink warm until you reach the office on a morning. Our Americano Mug is also becoming more popular, with a thick single walled exterior, plastic lid and rubber grip, this travel mug is perfect for the morning coffee. Check out the rest of our promotional travel mugs …

Promotional Mugs

Promotional mugs are also very popular. They have many uses as outlined in a previous blog. However, when it comes to the winter months they have one main function, to allow your clients and employees enjoy a hot drink to warm them up when they arrive at work.

With many different styles available, there is guaranteed to be one to suit your business and promotional needs.

Our most popular mug is the Cambridge Mug. This mug is the basic mug, with thick walls and a deep bottom this mug will keep your clients warm for quite a while. This mug is perfect for all hot drinks possible. With many different printing methods available, there’s got to be a printing method to suit your design. Check out the rest of our promotional mugs …

Ice Scrapers

The winter brings the ice and snow to the heart of the country. Why not prevent your client from having to hunt for an ice scraper?

Credit Card Ice ScraperPromotional ice scrapers are overlooked during the run up to winter as many people like to forget about the cold and slippery weather that is to come.

Our promotional Credit Card Ice Scraper is perfect for the working professional. Thanks to the small design and tough exterior, theses ice scrapers are always handy to have. Why not help you client replace their ice scraping credit card, with an ice scraper the exact same size so it will still fit in their purse or wallet. Check out our full range of promotional winter products here …


Promotional umbrellas are another of the huge sellers during the winter months. There are many different style and types of umbrellas that are available.

Essex and Budget Golf Many of these umbrellas are overlooked during the summer months and when it comes to the autumn, businesses don’t have any for their clients at their meetings. Why not start thinking about your promotional umbrellas now?

Our 2 most popular promotional umbrellas here at Promo Parrot are the Essex Folding Umbrella and our Budget Golf Umbrella. Our Essex Folding Umbrella is a huge hit for those city executives who want an umbrella that they are able to carry around with them at all times. The Essex fulfills this as it is lightweight and compact. Our Budget Golf Umbrella is a huge hit with businesses that have events coming up as you can fit more than one person underneath a golf umbrella. The Budget Golf Umbrella is the perfect umbrella for any upcoming event. Check out our full range of umbrellas here …


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