Top 5 promotional products trends for 2019!

Top 5 promotional products trends for 20192018 was an amazing year for everyone involved in the promotional products industry. According to sales data that was submitted by PPAI, there was an increase of 5.9% in the number of companies that are purchasing promotional merchandise. For this number to keep on rising throughout 2019, organisations and businesses need to see the trending products. But what are the promotional products trends for 2019?

It is vital for businesses to know what is trending for this year as they may not be popular next year. This is due to constantly shifting consumer behaviour and preferences. A great example to look at is Fidget Spinners. Back in 2017, they were great for trade shows and business to business marketing. However, they soon went out of trend. Businesses, therefore, need to spot and capitalise on high-trending products at the earliest possible time.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest promotional industry trends so that you can stay ahead of the game and attract more customers!

Top 5 promotional products trends

Eco-friendly products are on the rise

Consumers have been moving on to eco-friendly products that are not only biodegradable but are also manufactured sustainably. By incorporating natural and eco-friendly products into your marketing strategy, your brand will become increasingly popular among consumers. There are some great eco-friendly products available in the market today. Here are some of the most popular:

Printed Tote Bags

Printed tote bags are a great eco-friendly product, with multiple uses and a long-lasting design they are perfect for promoting any brand.

Horizon Tote Bag

Promo Parrot’s Horizon Tote Bag

Promotional Travel Mugs

Branded travel mugs eliminate the need for single use plastic and paper takeaway cups. Making them a great addition to any marketing campaign.

Americano Mug

Our Americano Travel Mugs

Branded Notebooks

Although, not instantly eco-friendly promotional notebooks are a great product to giveaway. With them being widely recyclable they are almost guaranteed to be recycled.

Medium Noir Notebook

Promo Parrot’s Medium Noir Notebook

Wireless will continue to be in

A trend that started in 2018 that will continue through into 2019 is promotional technological products that are wireless. Many brands, such as Apple and Samsung, have begun the switch and are making lots of their accessories wireless. This indicates that the future is becoming increasingly wireless! Items such as wireless charger hubs are great items that will get your brand on your client’s desk. But the most important factor here is they are a great way to show off your brand’s logo with a digital imprint.

Wireless Charger Hub

The Wireless Charger Hub is a great addition to any desk in 2019. With more and more phone supporting wireless charging this is going to become a must have.

Wireless Charger Hub

Our Wireless Charger Hub

Unique colours will give better results

Promotional products with unique colours are a great way to make your brand stand out. Not only are these products aesthetically pleasing, but they will also attract more customers. Since purple was the colour of 2018, we have listed a few colour predictions for 2019.  Bright colours such as coral and electric blue will catch the eye of your customers. Also, having product boast your brands colours is also a huge benefit.

We have a range of Pantone Matched Products to allow for them to boast your brands colours.

Pantone Matched Cambridge Mug

The Pantone Matched Cambridge Mug is a great addition to any marketing campaign. It is the best-selling mug that can be matched to your brand colours.

Pantone Matched Cambridge Mug

Our Pantone Matched Cambridge Mug

Pantone Matched Marrow Mug

Our Pantone Matched Marrow Mug is a stylish mug that can be matched to your brands colours. Allowing for you to have a product that is truly unique.

Pantone Matched Marrow Mug

Promo Parrot’s Pantone Matched Marrow Mug

Millennials is where the market is

It’s no secret that millennials aged between 18-34 are a hugely sought-after market segment. Businesses that understand this early on will have a massive advantage in influencing the market. In order to understand the millennial market better, organisations are now relying on their millennial employees. That’s because they understand and relate to their fellow millennial customers and help analyse their buying decisions.

Sports and fitness will become more popular

Brands that appeal to the growing population of sports and fitness enthusiasts are bound to stand out. Items such as sports bottles and promotional tote bags are great items for this sector. This area of the market is largely untouched by many businesses but is one in which they are able expand into.

500ml Groove Sports Bottle

Our 500ml Groove Sports Bottle

It’s always interesting to see what new trends for promotional products will emerge from year to year. 2019 will see promotional items that are sustainable, well-designed, well-thought and visually appealing. We hope that these insights on the promotional products trends for 2019 will help you to achieve your marketing goals.

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