Quick Turnaround Promotional Products

Quick Turnaround Promotional Products

Products in a hurry…

Need to get your hands on some personalised merchandise as fast as you can? Well luckily we can do quick turnaround promotional products. We have a whole section of quick turnaround promotional products that can be printed and dispatched to be with you in no time at all. We would never advise leaving something as important and as effective in your marketing to the last minute so you can be sure that everything is perfect instead of rushing but sometimes you don’t have a lot of choice and must make do with the time you have. Well in this blog post we are going to discuss what can be done when its crunch time and the clock is ticking…

Quick turnaround promotional products:

Quick Turnaround Promotional Products - Alaska PenSometimes when you have a deadline you need to make or there is a last-minute event you need to attend you need quick turnaround promotional products. This is why it is important for us to get things done fast and efficiently keeping quality and customer experience as our top priority. Some of our fast-promotional products such as the Alaska Frost Pen and the Alaska Diamond Pen can be produced and dispatched with the branding of your choice in as little as 24hrs after artwork approval. Coming in a wide range of colours such as green, white, pink, red and many more, this pen is so popular amongst our current clients due to how the quick turnaround time is, not to mention how cost effective it is. This is a perfect fast promotional product for giveaways, events, or clients even if you need products for a last-minute exhibition or trade show as this is the shortest lead time we have on the site! Being able to order, approve, produce and deliver in just a few days!

Quick Turnaround Promotional Products - Cambridge MugSome people believe that because these product are produced faster than other products on the site that they may dip in quality. This is not the case as these quick turnaround promotional products are of a very high quality and are a great price. Other fast promotional products that we offer are things like our 48 hour Cambridge Mug, which is a classic mug very popular amongst our current client base this mug has a large printing area of 185 x 70 mm that can be printed with up to 4 colours. this is perfect for company details and logos, this mug is one of our best sellers as it is a classic mug with a 330ml capacity, these can be dispatched in as little as 48 hours after artwork approval. This shows how you still have the same quality even though the lead time has decreased.

Quick Turnaround Promotional Products - Cambridge MugIn fact it is quite common that products in this range are printed using a full colour print. It is often quicker to print in full colour in apposed to spot colours or other branding methods as each item only has to go into the machine once and then left to dry whereas other methods may need to go in multiple times. Products like our Express Trolley Coin Keyring employ this method and means that you can have a gorgeous looking print in a short amount of time. This also shows that even though you may have only a little amount of time to get things ready and sent off before production, you can still wow you clients. An issue with this however is that this printing is usually more expensive but is worth it for the faster production and higher quality.

If you do have to order the items for your fast turnaround promotion quickly, you have to keep in mind that you must also work quickly to get the artwork to us in the correct file type as you don’t want precious time spent on that when it is drawing closer to your deadline. It also means that revisions should be kept to a minimum as artwork approval will have to be made very quickly in order to produce on time. But don’t worry! We can help in any way needed. Plus with lots of products using full colour prints, you won’t have to edit the artwork too much to get it to work.

Quick Turnaround Promotional Products - Horizon Tote BagAnother one of our bestsellers is the Horizon Cotton Tote Bag we have. The popularity of this product is due to it being part of the green and good range we offer, All the cotton used is sourced sustainably and the factories are all SEDEX audited. These bags combine high quality with a great price the reason they are so popular and successful is due to the advertising potential as they are used so often and the branding is exposed almost every day. These bags are promoting recycling alongside promoting your brand, they look great as they have such a large print area of 280x320mm on a 380x420mm bag and can be with you 5 days after artwork approval! If 5 days is too long we also offer the Invincible 5oz Cotton Shopper this is a fast-promotional product that has a 3-day lead time after artwork approval.

We have a whole range of different  Quick Turnaround Promotional Products available. Have a look by following the link below:

Quick turnaround

Blue Separation Line

We would always recommend that you order and create your artwork as soon as possible as with longer lead times, you have more time to customize and make the product perfect. You also can make the product more bespoke and more unique to you with more time devoted to it. Plus the lack of stress is good for everybody. What do you think? Have you ever had to plan a quick turnaround promotion? Let us know by commenting bellow or reaching out to us on our social media channels…

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