Reasons High Quality Artwork is Important for your product

The most effective promotional products look sleek, professional and of a good quality. One of the factors that can affect this greatly is the quality of the artwork. Here at Promo Parrot, we try to ensure that all the products we produce are to a high standard. Making sure that both our clients and the recipients of our products are fully satisfied. We do this by requesting artwork of a higher quality, to maintain the standard expected.

The most frequent question we get asked is “What qualifies as high-quality artwork?” The file type that we request is a Vector EPS file, which stands for “Encapsulated PostScript.” As is implied that this file type is apt for storing both fonts and graphics. This artwork is typically used frequently in the industry, in regards to graphical application, as it is best suited for the printing method. Another file type we may request a High-Quality PDF which we also accept.

If you are uncertain of whether you have these, they are likely to be held by designer, so if you are really unsure, contact them for the best artwork.

An example of file types that we’re reluctant to accept is JPEG’s and PNG’s as even though they could be of high resolution or have higher dimensions. However when specific parts of the image are enhanced, blurring can occur, thus the encouragement of a higher quality in order to minimalize any issues in the print standard.


If you don’t have an EPS or a high-quality PDF file, we do offer a few services in order to resolve the quality issue. The main one being an artwork redraw. This involves sending your artwork to our artwork designers, to redraw or your artwork. This could be to cater to a specific size for a product or to cater to a colour limitation for a fee.

If you have any further questions or comments relating to your artwork and how it could affect your product, or even simply need any advice, don’t hesitate to ask us on 01133221010 or email us on


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