The 5 Best ways to make an impression for your brand at Fresher’s week:

Fresher’s week. It’s the start of many young people’s journey into adulthood. Striving for the independence of living alone, and fending for themselves. It normally involves a vast amount of socialising, actively joining clubs and societies and to ultimately make new friends. This also acts as a great time to raise awareness of your brand, by offering freebies and giveaways in order to instil a sense of brand loyalty in a youthful audience during this time. It allows you to cement yourself in the hearts and minds of a new generation of clientele you could potentially miss if you don’t capitalise on this golden opportunity! So follow me as I delve into the 5 best ways to make an impression for your brand at Fresher’s week!

Get noticed:

An incredibly good way to get noticed is to have a stand set up. There’s nothing more enticing than a crowd generating a buzz and attracting attention. Several separate tools can be used in order to facilitate this effect. A great way to do this would be to have a promotional banner, displaying your company logo, or slogan. Using bright and attractive colour schemes make for a great way to entice your potential audience into seeing what you have to offer. The major thing to bear in mind that you are competing in a very saturated advertising locale, with all your competitors vying for the attention of your customer. Offering something eye-catching allows your brand to be discernable from the crowd.

Adding the Personal Touch:

Everyone enjoys a nice conversation. Being highly personable and engaging with your customer on a physical, empathetic level, makes for a great way of convincing potential customers to buy your product. Having the answers to all your customers’ potential questions rehearsed is overwhelmingly important. Positioning yourself as an expert in the field will make you appear educated on the subject. However, it is also important to not come across as being boring, or uninteresting and potentially scare away your clients.

Choosing the right product for the right time: 

Talon Bottle Opener Keyring – Available at Promo Parrot

A very good way to liven up your marketing campaign is to inject some fun into your pitch. Your clients will want something memorable, and appropriate for your audience. Some very effective products may include, the talon bottle opener keyring, this allows your clients to be around a familiar product of yours, which will inevitably be used (bearing in mind the youthful audience you are marketing toward). An alternative to this may include, a frisbee.



The White Curvey Pen


Another example of a great way to promote your brand to this demographic is through the use of promotional pensThree words that ring in a marketer’s ears: cheap, simple, effective. Pens act as a great keepsake for a multitude of reasons. The pen itself provides an ample location to display your brand upon. This allows for it to provide a constant advertisement to the peers of the user. In combination with it being frequent in usage, it allows your clients to spread the awareness of your brand subtly throughout the lifetime of the pen. Interesting Fact: businessmen often leave pens at external meetings or conferences as a means to spread awareness of their company or brand in that location.

Printed Silicon Wristbands

Wristbands act similarly to promotional pens in the sense that they are a great way to market your brand, however, the difference between the pen and the wristband is that a wristband is wearable branding. This means that your company branding is always on the wearers’ person, being in their eye-line a vast amount of the time, as well as being viewed by their peers. Like the pen, it is also a great product to produce in mass, due to its cheap yet effective nature.




Leave a good impression: 

One of the most things to consider is leaving a lasting impression on your audience. Besides getting noticed, highly personable and giving away promotional goodies, it’s important to try and resonate with your customers on a level and platform that they frequently use. The obvious way of doing this is by using social media strategically. Key ways of doing this can include: Launching a relatable hashtag associated with your product or company. Replying to any sorts of interactions on your social networks. Post appealing images on Instagram. – The obvious overall goal is to provide some sort of value to your potential customer or client.

Make your customers want to come back: 

The greatest way to do this, simply, is by knowing your field. If you provide the most useful information and sheer value to your customer. If you know you have the edge over your competitors, don’t be afraid to say why. If you provide immediate value to your clients, whether it be short term, with handing them a pamphlet or some verbal information. Or on the longer term by giving them a promotional product, to provide a lasting effect. Speaking conclusively, all of these aspects contribute towards a strong fresher’s marketing campaign.

All of the products listed are available at Promo Parrot!

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