The benefits of using promotional products

The benefits of using promotional productsThis article is going to cover the top benefits of using promotional products. Creating an advertising campaign that is that is both credible and relevant is a must for any business. The use of promotional merchandise can aid this process, as well as being able to take your campaign to the next level.

Promotional products are affordable items that can help to make your prospective customers and clients interested in your brand. Branded merchandise, such as bags, pens and mugs have multiple uses in and around the office whilst benefiting the business in a large variety of other ways.  The generic goal of promotional giveaways is to attract and appeal to customers and people that are grateful for a free product and consumers really appreciate useful products that add value to their lives.

Cambridge Mugs

Promo Parrot’s Cambridge Mug

Listed below are the top benefits of using promotional products!

1) Promotional products invoke a sense of brand loyalty

One of the most important aspects of a successful business is to ensure proper engagement with new customers. What better way to engage with a potential customer that with a free gift? It has been shown in multiple studies that giving a free gift to your customer increases the chances of your customer choosing you over your competitors by invoking a sense of brand loyalty.

A clear benefit of a promotional gift is that it builds a sense of loyalty after a long conversation is over. A study shows that at an exhibition, people are much more likely to visit a stand and listen to a pitch if a promotional item is involved. Giving a gift to your potential customer is a great way to start a conversation that could lead to communication and ultimately a sale.

Walking Umbrella

Our Classic Walking Umbrella

2) Rewarding customers and building relationships with clients

Handing out branded gifts can set the steps in place to build relations with an existing client. Gifting a promotional product shows that you are a distinctive and attractive brand which benefits your brand integrity. Consumers get passionate about a brand when their emotions are triggered. This emotional response can be used in a variety of different marketing mediums such as branded merchandise which is a great way to reward a customer. Whether a brand is adventurous or creative, giveaways will create a fan base with strong levels of commitment. Just seeing the logo on a can of Red Bull can will some customers with a sense of passion and excitement.

Americano Mug

Our Americano Travel Mugs

3) Showing commitment to existing customer leads

Showing commitment to existing customers can have profound business results. A recent study claimed that “it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one”, this shows that brand commitment is definitely worth investing in/ Providing existing customers with personalised, tangible products is a very effective way to keep them interested in your brand. The main benefit to these results is that you can focus on existing customers which can dramatically increase your return on investment.

Rainham Tote Bag

Promo Parrots Rainham Tote Bag

4) Advertising with promotional products is a cost-effective strategy

Promotional merchandise is cost-effective when considered in terms if impressions (an impression is a single view of a particular ad) compared to other forms of advertising media. Branded merchandise has a lower cost per impression compared to conventional forms of advertising such as newspaper, TV and magazine advertisements. Whilst conventional advertising is often more passive and indirect to specific users, the advantage of promotional products is they can often have much more active interaction with consumers.

Consider the number of times a consumer will be exposed to a conventional TV or magazine ad compared to a promotional gift such as bag or mug. The amount of money that is spent per impression on a promotional bag is guaranteed to be less than that of a television advert, making them a very cost-effective way of promoting any brand. Also, with the use of promotional products, there is a practical element involved which aids in getting your customers to remember your name. 

Twist USB Flash Drive

Our Twist USB Flash Drive

5) Most branded merchandise is passed along, boosting “cost per impressions”

Due to promotional merchandise being so useful, it tends to be passed along from person to person rather than being thrown away. Many people tend to pass them along as they have some value to others but not to them anymore. In the long run, this means that the overall cost per impression drops are more people are seeing your branded merchandise for the same price as buying the original products.

To conclude, all of the benefits that are mentioned above are only relevant if promotional products are used correctly within your marketing campaign. As a business, you can take some time to learn what your customers need as consumers and then give them a promotional gift that can add value and benefit to their day to day lives.

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