Importance of Instagram to your marketing campaign.

Instagram as a social media outlet is vastly popular and is becoming an increasingly important tool in the arsenal of a marketer. As a platform, it is hyper-visual, relying hugely on aesthetic, eye-catching and visually pleasing imagery. As a marketer, it is important to create content that scratches that itch for your audience. In this blog, I will be discussing the relevance of Instagram in your next marketing campaign.

Why even bother with Instagram?

Instagram as a medium, as mentioned before, is very visual. The influx of easy to consume media has taken the world by storm. The importance of relevant, relatable and good-looking content has become an integral part of any marketing campaign. A study from Forrester Research discovered that Instagram users were “58% more likely to, like comment or share than Facebook users”. This illustrates a huge market for your business to reach as well, allowing for another avenue to explore in regards to the audience. The primary audience on Instagram is aged 18-29 years of age. This is a great way to resonate with this audience on an inter-personal level. As it is addressing a platform they use in their day-to-day life, hitting them in a place that they use socially.

What can it offer to me as a business?

Instagram allows for a myriad of options when it comes to posting and how it can reach your audience. This ranges from the more conventional posts with regularly posted content. Content that is posted regularly is a great way to utilise the Instagram algorithm to your advantage. It takes into account a variety of different attributes, namely timeliness, frequency and audience engagement. The more frequently you post, statistically, the more likely your followers will see your posts. Although this sounds ridiculously obvious, you will appear higher in the feed of your followers, this is because the Instagram algorithm works in the respect of post relevance, as opposed to in chronological order. So keep your content regular!

What can it offer to me as a business?

Instagram offers a variety of options in regards to marketing. Other than the more conventional posts. It offers the ability to “boost” a post, which means you can sponsor your content to appear on the feeds of potential customers for a brief time. It allows for a variety of customisation options in this respect, being able to cater to any budget. In the respect of actually displaying products, when a post is boosted, if the post says, would feature a product it allows for the option to see the price of the product(s) displayed within the post. It is activated by tapping the screen, this is good for a dual purpose. The first, it acts as a more subtle and less intrusive way of selling, giving the smoother experience.

Instagram as a concept is renowned for its aesthetic. It is important to make your content pretty for your audience. In regards to a promotion, there are a few ways you can do this. Picture your products in real life situations. Whether it be outdoors, or in a context where it’d fit, the prime example being a mug on a desk. Taking pictures of a product in situ, allows the audience to understand the purpose and intended use, or how it could be seen as relevant to their own lives. This allows your customer to resonate with the content you produce, and increasing engagement thusly.

Speaking conclusively, Instagram as a whole is a great way to extend the reach of your brand to an audience, through the use of great visuals and brand recognition. It has the potential to be a great marketing tool for your business.

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