The new Government Legislation regarding surcharges.




All the information cited in this post has come directly from HM Treasury:
The Letter from the HM Treasury – Dated: 24/01/18

The idea behind the government putting this legislation regarding Credit Card Surcharges into place is with the consumer in mind. With “the intention to make the rules around surcharging less confusing for customers and to reduce the chances of the customer being ‘ripped off’ by some unscrupulous firms.” In essence, this means that it has the purpose to improve the overall rights of the consumer and clarify any unclear ruling in the law. The overall objective being to address surcharges that added excessive payment to the customer. However, the government does in fact wish to protect the individuals as well as small businesses.

The surcharge ban applies directly to the “retail payment instruments” only. The “surcharging continues to be permitted on commercial payment instruments”. This ultimately allows for businesses to pass “on the direct cost borne by payees for processing the relevant means of payment.”

In our efforts to help customers avoid this surcharge please make payment by Debit Card, for which Promo Parrot will apply no surcharge. Alternatively, you may also pay by Pro Forma Invoice (Bank Transfer and Cheque). Promo Parrot will only apply this surcharge to Credit Cards.



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