What makes a great free promotional gift?

What makes a great free promotional gift?Back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, many companies would put a free promotional gift inside items such as cereal packets, crisps and a wide variety of other products. Most households around the country used to take great pride in the gifts that they were ‘winning’ from their weekly shop. Many siblings used to push and shove each other on the stairs every morning to ensure that they were the first person to use to the cereal, myself included!

Very often there was a whole range of different goodies to collect from these cereals, which just added to the ‘healthy’ competition. This is a great promotional marketing technique and the bane of many parents’ trips to the local supermarket.

Kellogg’s Magic Straw

The Kellogg’s Magic Straw is the first free promotional gift that I remember seeing from a box of cereal. I remember that there were 3 different sections to collect and once you had all 3 it made a rather cool bendy straw. There were several different things that attracted people towards this one, the first influence being the brightly coloured sections of straw. Another factor was that the straws were colour changing, which back in 1993 was revolutionary! Even though there were 3 sections to collect it didn’t stop people from buying more and more boxes of Coco Pops to make the longest straw they possibly could.

When doing some research for this article, I came across an interesting figure from this campaign. When Kellogg’s originally launched this promotional campaign in 1993, they saw their sales almost double within the first week of the promotional packs of cereal being out. This gives a huge indication to any brand that if you are to choose the right product and market your brand in the correct way, you can gain huge traction and support for your brand.

However, this isn’t the only thing that you should be thinking about. There are a number of different factors that should be taken into account when choosing your free promotional gifts. The most important thing that you should be thinking about at the very start, is the number of people that you are going too be giving them away to. If you don’t have those figures, then you are not going to purchase the right number of promotional products which could drastically affect your brand. If you don’t have enough gifts, then you are missing out on a huge marketing possibility.

When it comes to selecting the right gift there are more factors to consider other than the figures. For example, what are your products for? Do they follow the branding of the business? Are they practical? These are all important questions.

What are the products for?

Twist USB Flash DriveOne of the largest factors that should be considered is what are the products going to be used for. You don’t want to have the wrong gift for the wrong event. If your business is based in the technology world, the best promotional product for you would most likely be a USB Flash Drive.  You wouldn’t want to be showing up with a product that is not related to your industry.

Do they follow to branding of the business?

This is an important factor for any marketing that is taking place, if the advertising does not match up with the company branding then you are essentially wasting time and money to promote your business. All of the promotional materials should follow the branding guidelines that have been set by the business. If the product is of a different colour or has a different logo on it compared to the standard one of the business, you could be generating awareness for a different logo.

Are they practical?

Essex Folding UmbrellaAll promotional gifts should be practical, if they are not of use to anyone then they are never going to get used. Many brands opt for a product that will last for a long time, but one that will also be used. If you are looking to generate a lot of brand awareness at an event, a great product for you to use is a promotional umbrella. With many different styles to choose from, including telescopic, walking and golf umbrellas, there will be one that is perfect for your event. Also, once you have finished with them at the event, you could either give them away or keep them in the office for a rainy day.

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