What Promotional Products Should We Use?

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What promotional products should we use?

This is a question that is asked a lot. When you are considering what promotional product is suitable for your promotion, there are a lot of different things you should be considering. This blog is going to cover some of the bases that need to be considered when purchasing promotional products.


The venue that you are looking to use the promotional products at is the biggest consideration that needs to be made. If you don’t know the venue, then you are not going to be able to make a well-informed decision on which promotional products would be suitable. Imagine this, you are holding a conference at your company’s head office and you would like everyone in attendance to have a product branded with your logo. You leave the decision down to your marketing department and they are unsure on the location of the conference, so they go ahead and purchase some promotional umbrellas. These umbrellas are not going to be a useful resource at this conference as you are all sat down at a desk. In cases like this, you would be looking for promotional pens and promotional notebooks. You cannot leave this down to chance and must ensure that all parties involved in the process are aware of the location the event is taking place.

Time of year

The time of the year in which the event is taking place is also a huge factor that must be considered. If you are holding an event in the winter, people will not really appreciate having summer promotional items (frisbees and sunglasses). This is mainly due to the fact that people want promotional items that they are able to use right away. Therefore, in the winter people want items such as travel mugs and beanies. These are products that can be used straight away, this is what everybody wants. Therefore, the time of year is another vital consideration that must be taken.

Don’t follow the crowd

Just because every other business in your sector is giving away printed bags doesn’t mean that you have to. You should stand out from the crowd. Try something different like a mug or even something as simple as a pen. Not following the crowd allows you to stand out and make your brand more memorable. With this, there is also a lot scope to go wrong. You could pick a product that is totally irrelevant to the sector that you are working in, this would then give your brand a bad reputation around the thought you put into your presentation and promotions.


The quality of the product is what comes to mind whenever people think about promotional products. This is not really the biggest factor; however, it is one that should be mentioned. All promotional products are high quality if purchased from the right place. If quality is the biggest issue, then there are very few products that you should avoid. However, these are not to be covered in this article. The quality can also affect what your customers think about your brand. If you have a cheap and poor-quality product then that is what your potential customers may think about your brand, to avoid this you should always pick products that you know will work well with the overall brand recognition.


Your budget allocated to the project is also a huge factor in what promotional product is right for your promotion. If you have a high budget, you could possibly purchase more than one promotional product. However, many companies are testing the water and only have a limited budget, therefore the marketing team would have to consider all their options. Normally, in these cases, choices are made based on the conversation they have with their promotional products supplier which normally results in the customer purchasing their best seller even if this isn’t what they were originally looking for.

Don’t always go with the first suggestion

As mentioned at the end of the last paragraph, customers tend to go for the option that is recommended by the promotional products supplier. The suppliers are very good at giving advice as to which products work as a promotion, let’s not forget this is the speciality. However, if you have doubts about if that product will work for you then you should go away and do some research. When you have done some research, you are able to present some information to your supplier and then ask them for some more advice. If you find that the original product that was suggested was perfectly fine, just go with that. The research allows you to know that you are not going into the purchase without any knowledge regarding the subject.

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