What is origination?

Origination is an umbrella term that is used throughout the promotional products industry. It is the term that is used for ‘the setup’ associated in branding promotional products with your artwork.

There are many different branding methods that we use. Sometimes, we are able to choose the branding method that is best suited for the product that you have selected. However, usually it is the other way around, in the sense that the product is only able to be branded using on specific method.

A good example of this is the White Curvy Ballpen, this pen has to be printed, whereas our metal keyrings have to be engraved.


Branding areas and methods for every product is visible in the product information on every product page.

We are able to brand your artwork onto all of the promotional products that are found on our website, and all of the branding methods that we use will have some fee in the form of origination.

Different types of setup needed

Screen Printing, Transfer Printing and Pad Printing all use screens. This means that the origination cost is there for the screens to be created.

Laser Engraving has 2 stages to setting up the machinery for engraving your products. The cost is incurred for the Artwork Conversion and the Jig Setup.

Offset Printing uses printing plates. So the setup in this case is for the creation of those plates.

Digital Printing sometimes has Digital Printer Setup. This is what the cost is for in this case.

Embossing has a Tooling Dye fee. This is for the creation of the tool to emboss you item.

Embroidery has a fee for the Jacquard (embroidery disc).

How to get cheap origination

  1. Simplify your artwork

With the majority of our branding methods, the more colours you print, the more expensive the origination cost will be. A good example is, if your artwork is to be printed in 1 colour, then the origination is going to be around £30. However, if your artwork is going to be printed in 2 colours, the origination price would be doubled (around £60), 3 colours artwork is around £90, and so on.

Where applicable, we suggest simplifying your artwork down to 1 colour. This will keep the unit cost of the product and the origination cost down to the minimum.

  1. Economies of scale

The more you buy the cheaper the origination is, as the total cost can be distributed amongst more units.

For example, if the origination cost is £30 and you buy 100 pens, the origination costs 30p per pen. Whereas, if you buy 100 pens, the origination would be just 3p per pen.

  1. Take advantage of our special offers

We regularly email special offers, including discounts, sale items and new products. It is great to be In the know.

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