When should I order my promotional products for my event?

When should I order my promotional products for my eventLead times are something that we are asked about almost daily here at Promo Parrot. Lead time is the limiting factor for getting your products to you in time for your next event, when looking for your products you’ll need to bear this in mind.

What is lead time?

Lead time is the amount of time that it takes for you to receive your promotional products once you have placed your order. Usually, our lead times are 7-10 working days from artwork approval. So, once you’ve had your proof from us and you’ve approved it, that shows how your product is going to be printed and that is when the lead time begins.

From then on, the clock is ticking. Your products are on the machine being printed and they are in the queue.

Why are some lead times longer than 10 days?

Some of our products come directly from the Far East, thus meaning that the lead times are increased due to the extra time needed to ship your products. A great example of this are USB Flash Drives, they usually take between two and three weeks. There are some other options available to you, however they are bound to cost more.

Twist USB Flashdrive

Our Promotional Twist USB Flash Drive

At the end of the day, if USB Flash Drives are the product that you would like, they can be done on a shorter lead time, it is just down to the cost of this.

What if I need my products sooner that the standard lead time?

Items such as Promotional Mugs, Printed Tote Bags and Branded Lanyards can be turned around in 5 days, sometimes even quicker. This is a great way of promoting your brand at such short notice. As well as the product mentioned above, Promotional Trolley Coin Keyrings are a great way to get your brand into your clients lives every day and they are available on an express

48 Hour Cambridge Mug

Promo Parrot’s 48 Hour Cambridge Mug

Some of our promotional products have an express service that is available, but that will incur and extra charge. A great example that comes to mind are our promotional mugs. In extreme circumstances, they can be produced in 48 hours from artwork approval. This is allowing us to ensure that 99.9% of all our customers can have some form of promotional products available to them for their event.

When is the best time to order my products for my event?

To allow for you to have the most time possible, you should look to order your products as soon as you know about the event. This allows adequate time for your promotional merchandise to be printed and delivered to you. At the latest, we would recommend that you are enquiring about your products 4 weeks prior to your event.

By enquiring this early you are allowing time for any changes that may be required to the artwork. This is an important factor when ordering your promotional materials as the artwork and colours that are used will have to adhere to your branding guidelines.

In summary, lead time is a huge factor in determining if you can get your promotional product in time for your event. The lead time depends on the product and is variable dependent on the time of year. You should be looking to enquire about your promotional merchandise at least 4 weeks before it is needed to allow for any changes that may be required.

For more information about promotional products, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated sales team on  0113 3221010 or drop us and email at sales@promoparrot.com.

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