Why Desk Space is essential to your Marketing Campaign?

It is often said in marketing, that a desk is the prime real estate. Obviously, this isn’t literal, however in the sense of an advertising standpoint, it is ripe for a series promotional products to furnish a desk within the promotional product industry, some of the most effective products, are the ones that last the longest. Product longevity is a hugely important aspect of any marketing campaign. Here at Promo Parrot, we’ve cottoned onto this factor, therefore in this blog, I’ll be outlining some of the best products to populate this said space.


In today’s office environment, it is potentially an overlooked product. Primarily due to the Curvy Penoverwhelming influence of technology. However, the value of a pen as a promotional product is not to be overshadowed. Pens are still often utilised when making a brief note of details, as it comes across as more convenient and natural. As a marketer, this is easily exploited. Some good examples of promotional pens, tend to be on the chunkier side, such as the Curvy Pen. A highly recognisable silhouette, the pen of choice in the Promo Parrot office. With it being highly affordable in combination with a variety of customisable options such as a highlighter or stylus.


The perfect most complementary product for your new writing instrument, the promotional notebook is a significant way you can market your brand. Note making in an office space is always a necessity, whether it be a brief jotting of a phone number or the scrawling of a mind map to aid in the generation of ideas. Whatever its usage, it makes for an ideal space to have your company logo emblazoned on it. The notebook is also a good example of how product quality, can reflect a brand. This is primarily through the differing costs, reflective of quality, an example being the Soft Feel Notebook, being a budget conscious variant, or for the more executive the Moleskine Notebook, to cater to more of an executive price range.


A great way to rule the office space. Rulers are used indefinitely in the office environment. Promotional RulerRulers have a surprising amount usage, a great example of this is in the segmentation of lists for ease of reading in a sales team. As well as the more obvious, measurement of paper or objects. In summation an overall worthwhile promotional product. This frees up yet another branding opportunity in regards to shape, style and branding option. This ranges from a more conventional ruler variant to more abstract shapes and styles such as the calculator ruler, or the shaped ruler, available with a variety of bespoke design to suit your marketing campaign. An aspect to consider would be size. Dependent on how you were to giveaway a ruler, would directly call in to question. A smaller, hand-sized ruler would be appropriate to giveaway someone in the direction into the palm of your customer base. Whereas a larger 30cm has leaps and bounds more practicality over the shorter 15cm, however, its size makes it obtrusive and harder to hand out and would be better suited to a “goodie bag”.

Mouse Mats:

A lesser used commodity in the modern day office, due to businesses favouring laptops rather than adhering to a more conventional desktop computer. This has naturally phased out the usage of the mouse mat, however, there is a definite niche, waiting to be tapped into. Over utilisation of computer mice on a harder desk surface can lead to, abrasion and warping of the top over time. To mitigate this a mouse mat would be the ideal solution. From a marketing standpoint, they offer a vast branding area that is optimal for a company logo or slogan.

Wireless Charger Hub:

Wireless Charger HubTaking a walk on the wild side, the way to charge your phone with no strings attached. The wireless charger hub is the way forward in regards to phone revitalisation. A personal favourite of mine, a luxury desk item to say the least. It appeals to a distinct niche, due to its limited optimisation amongst mobile devices, with it being available in the “S8” and “IPhone 8” respectively, however, QI adaptors are available, the majority of phones. In the main, the major appeal of this product is the practical application and “wow” factor, primarily because of the scarcity of people using them. It airs on the side of novelty because of this factor. Making for a great talking point and conversation starter, which ultimately could promote your brand in regards to quality or the field you work in.

In summation, it is difficult to fault any of these products, as, in their own right are effective at promoting a brand. The tricky part comes in selecting the right one for your business and for your client base. On behalf of the Promo Parrot team, I wish you the best of luck choosing the right one for you!

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us, call us on 0113 3221010, alternatively, you can email us at sales@promoparrot.com.


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