Why promotional products are effective for a Music Festival

In Marketing, seasonality is highly important a great promotional product. Choosing the right product for your demographic is of critical importance. A summer rears it much welcomed head, it also signifies for the weather appropriate activities, namely music festivals. Festivals can make for a great way to give away your merchandise.

Festivals, generally speaking, have a very diverse audience, with a great amount of footfall, to name a specific example Leeds and Reading festival in 2017 had a total attendance of 90,000 total across the weekend. This definitely gives your company a distinct opportunity to market to this extensive audience segment. The primary thing to bear in mind is the age demographic of your audience. The majority of festival goers are of a younger demographic, typically ranging in the age bracket of 18-25, in the regards of specifying a promotional product to that demographic you have to take into account several factors. This can depend on whether you want to be general or specific. This affects generally speaking can affect who you give your promotional product to. For example, if you were wanting to target a more male-oriented audience, a good choice could be an inflatable football or a bottle opener printed with your company logo. The thing to bear in mind that this is only stereotypically speaking (not to say women can’t enjoy a beer or have a kick-about with a football!). I believe that it would be better to offer your potential clients would be to go for something more generic and airing on the side of practicality, in order to not exclude any individuals.

Some great examples of promotional products that would be very welcome in this environment:

Wayfarer Sunglasses available at Promo Parrot!

Wayfarer Sunglasses:

A pair of stylish sunglasses, sure to impress. An iconic silhouette that offers UV protection, a style that is a mainstay throughout all periods of fashion. It is also a great marketing tool. Wearable products are often highly effective marketing tools. They act as a great canvas as, often your audience will willingly wear the product in their day to day life, often making the wearer act as a  kind of “walking advertisement” for your brand. Allowing your brand to be open to a secondary audience of practically anyone the wearer may encounter.

Sun Lotion:

Sun Lotion with Carabiner Clip, available at Promo Parrot!

Sun lotion may be an often overlooked promotional product in the sense that it is seemingly rather unexpected. (Hear us out) having a handy promotional product which would have a practical application often do very well. This tends to be due to the fact that the product you give out is often reflective of your company, in regards to its overall quality, utility and use. If a potential client were to find your product useful it would make it synonymous with your business, providing that your company logo is printed on it in some capacity.



The factor to consider is the overall longevity of your chosen products. The aim of a marketer is to make a lasting impression on your audience. A great promotional product is a sure fire way to do this. Whatever the choice you make, Promo Parrot offers a myriad of promotional products in order to enhance your marketing campaign.

For any more information needed on any of the other products we have, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our sales team on 0113 3221010, alternatively, you can email us at sales@promoparrot.com

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