Why water is essential to your marketing campaign!


It’s kind of a no-brainer, but water is an absolute summer essential. It’s fairly common knowledge that the human body is 60% water. However a lesser known fact is that your body loses water through perspiration. The most shocking factor is the fact that on average your body on a daily basis will secrete a total of 455ml from your feet alone. Personally speaking I feel this statistic alone highlights the overall importance of water, but I bet you’re asking “what are the other benefits of water” Well in this blog I’ll be doing a deep dive into the true value of water and how it can benefit you and your audience.

Water has a vast variety of health benefits. It has been proven to provide your body with a myriad of positive attributes. Namely, it acts as a great way to flush out toxins. Your body builds up a great amount of waste material, in the pores and skin. Familiar with the term “sweat it out”? Water is a great way to encourage your body to do so naturally and aids in helping to regulate body temperature. A great amount of beauticians also recommend water as a great way to improve your overall complexion as it naturally moisturises and keeps skin soft. Furthermore it is also a great way to prevent specific ailments such as neck and back ache, as well as other sporting cramps. Water acts as a natural lubricant for muscles and joints making it the ideal way to improve your body.

In 2017 the “sales of plain bottled water in the retail trade grew by 14%” and is set to be on the rise. This is due to a multitude of factors one of them namely being the fact the influx in healthy eating. Diets such as vegetarianism and veganism have soared in popularity and the so called “health-kick” has seen a surge in popularity for cleaner living as a whole. There are as many as 3.5 million vegans in the UK, according to a survey taken by comparethemarket.com, giving an insight on the social climate of the UK as a whole. Due to the overwhelming increase in the thoughts of healthy eating, bottled water is often prized over, sweeter or flavoured drinks, thus making it a safe pick when adding it to your marketing campaign.

Promotional Bottled Water – Available at Promo Parrot!

Water makes for a great marketable product also. With it being an essential item, it is very easy to sell, give away and brand to the widest possible audience, as everyone is required to drink water to live. When using water as a marketing tool it is very important to consider is the fact of how greater impression you can leave on your customers. Promotional water is a great way of doing that as it allows for you to hit your potential client with an item that is very difficult to refuse, with it not only being free of charge, but with it being a product they literally cannot do without. If the bottle in question is branded with your company logo or message, it allows you to resonate with your customer base directly. Here at Promo Parrot we offer bottled water sourced from artisan wells, bringing a fresh tasting water to your thirst clientele!

Speaking conclusively, bottled water is hard to go wrong in regards to a marketing technique, and is a sure-fire way to raise brand awareness for your brand!

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