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Promotional Calculators

Learn how Promotional Calculators add to your campaign...
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A Wide Range Of High Quality Promotional Calculators Is Available From Promo Parrot At Budget Prices.

Due to the wide usage of calculators, Promo Parrot offer a wide variety of options, from the Morton Calculator, which provides promotional calculation at budget prices, to a range of multi-functional calculators, including rulers with inbuilt calculators. Due to their multiple functions, the marketing value of these models is greatly enhanced; however you may be pleased notice the price has remained exceptionally low.

We also provide a wide range of pocket calculators, which perform multiple functions from doubling up as a card holder, to the Credit Card Sized Calculator, which presents fantastic advertisement potential for your company as each calculator becomes a pocket-sized advertisement for your company.

Any questions you may have relating to our range of fully customisable promotional calculators can be directed at our highly experienced technical team on: 0113 3221010. We are open Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:30pm. However, if you wish to contact us outside of these hours, you can email our sales team directly at sales@promoparrot.com. At Promo Parrot we pride ourselves on delivering consistently high levels of customer service, and will respond to each email as quickly as we can.