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Something Different : Sprucing up any promotion one product at a time...

Learn how you could stand out with these promotional products...

Only show products that are...


Only show products that are...

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  4. Cream
  5. Gold
  6. Green
  7. Grey
  8. Multi-Coloured
  9. Natural
  10. Orange
  11. Pantone Matched
  12. Pink
  13. Purple
  14. Red
  15. Silver
  16. White
  17. Yellow
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  4. £2 - £5
  5. £5 - £10
  6. £10 - £25
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Something Different

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Keep it Quirky, Keep it Different...

You may be able to tell but all of us here at Promo Parrot beleive in this ideology of being different. It works for us and there is no reason it wouldnt work for you! Ensure that your clients don't recieve the same gear your competitors are giving out with a different logo printed on it. Dare to be different, colourful and quirky as all of these features will help you stand out from the rest. Not only will you stand out more but the uniquness of the product could keep the item in their possession for a long time to come... 

If you require any information for any of the products held in this category, or any other category, don't hesitate to get into contact! We are open 9:00 will 5:30 for 5 days a week and would love to hear from you. You can send us an email at sales@promoparrot.com to get the information you want or call us on 0113 3221010...