Why use promotional umbrellas?

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Why use promotional umbrellas? 

The winter is fast approaching, the weather is changing and the mornings are becoming wetter and colder. Therefore, a promotional umbrella will help you capitalise from the weather. The opportunities are endless with promotional umbrellas mainly since just one will give you the chance to reach hundreds of people who may benefit from your business. The umbrella will also remind the client that is using it about your business. Promotional umbrellas are a must have for any event this winter, they not only keep your clients dry but also have your company logo all around the event.

They are arguably seasonable…

Grand Imperial umbrella test size

One important thing to remember that promotional umbrellas are very seasonable, they are most popular in the winter months. During the summer, promotional umbrellas are not very popular due to the weather being warmer and normally drier. However, with the British Summer the weather is very unpredictable. Different summer events may still benefit from promotional umbrellas, such as music festivals. If the weather is a complete wash out, hundreds of people will still see your logo. Also, the same occurs in the opposite, if the weather is clear and sunny the promotional umbrellas can be used as a sun shade.

How easy are they to distribute?

Promotional Umbrellas are quite easy to distribute. They are practical meaning that clients will want to keep them for themselves, especially in the winter months. Umbrellas are an item that people don’t want to throw away until they are broken as they always have a use. With smaller, telescopic umbrellas they are easily stored in bags as they take up little space. By them only taking up little space it means that people would be happy to pick one up and take it home.

What is the marketing potential of promotional umbrellas?

1BED (1)

The marketing potential of promotional umbrellas is huge. The main reason for this is the amount of people who use umbrellas. The more people that use a promotional umbrella the bigger the audience reach. Therefore, generating widespread acknowledgement of the business from a single use of a promotional umbrella. The umbrellas will most likely be used around the country and will not only generate more recognition in the location your business is based but possibly around the whole country. As well as the above, other businesses may use the promotional umbrellas for their customers resulting in your brand being distributed further generating further recognition.

What should be considered when buying promotional umbrellas?

1XEC (5)

There are a few points that should be considered when purchasing custom printed promotional umbrellas. Points such as the event, the location and the time of year. The event is a point that sometimes gets overlooked. Mainly for the fact that an umbrella is an umbrella, however, if an event is aimed at businessmen then you don’t want to be giving them an umbrella they will not use themselves. The umbrella choice is key to getting the audience to use them, if the choice isn’t correct for the event then the umbrella may be just thrown to the side and never used. The location of the event is also a major point to be aware of. If the event is to be held in a location with little or no outdoor shelter then the umbrellas should be chosen accordingly. For events like that a bigger umbrella is better as more people can use one umbrella. The time of year is also important as if it was in the middle of the summer less umbrellas would be used. In the winter, more promotional umbrellas will be used as the weather is more likely to be rainy and cold.

Promotional umbrella can be factored into any budget…


When looking at promotional umbrellas, of course you should think about how much of a budget you should be spending on promotional items. When thinking about the costs you will have to sit down and do some careful thinking. What is the best price? Which product has the best price per unit? All these questions need to be answered.  Once these questions are answered, then you are ready to make the choice on how much you have to spend.

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What to consider when branding your own custom printed bags?

What to consider when branding your own custom printed bags

Many marketers spend a lot of time choosing the right custom printed bag for their marketing strategy. This is completely understandable as these strategies are usually timed, are working to a budget and used for a specific purpose or in a certain way. You want to ensure that you pick the right item for the job. Well to help you make this decision this article is going to go through all of the things you need to consider before making a purchase on a particular item.

Are Custom Printed Bags right for you?

Custom Printed BagsThe first thing to consider is whether Bags are right for the marketing campaign you are running. They usually work wonders for most businesses for most campaigns but some may actually return more on investment with different items. For example, if you want the product to remind the employees of a business of your brand then bags may not be the best as people will take them home and they won’t be a constant thing at work. This case may benefit from the inclusion of Printed Mugs as all the staff will see your mugs on a day to day basis in the office when having hot drinks. Whether it works for your business is very dependent on your goals, methods and your audience so just make sure you are choosing the right item.

How are you giving them away?

Giving Tote BagsOne of the biggest deciders for what bag you want would to brand is how you are giving them out. The context is important as only certain bags would make sense when given in the right situation. For example, you may want to give out a cotton bag or a non-woven polypropylene bag when exhibiting at a trade fair or exhibition as they are cheap, durable and high quality. If you are putting the items a customer has just bought in a bag to take away from a shop, you may prefer to give away a paper or a plastic bag.

What Bags would your audience like?

Deal Document Custom Branded BagsSo you’ve decided on getting your own custom printed bags to promote with. Now you need to decide what your target audience would like and use on a regular basis. Your standard tote bag is a pretty good bet as pretty much everyone has a use for one of these bags, whether for shopping trips, carrying dinner from home to work or to take games and items to friend’s house. However, it may be more appropriate to buy a different style of bag due to what they are likely to use it for or what is traditionally used by that group of people. For example, if you are giving products away to students at school, college or university, you may want to give away an item in our “Business & School Bags” category. If you will be reaching people from the tech industry, a laptop bag may be better.

The quality versus the cost…

Horizon 5oz Tote BagsIt is imperative to most marketing methods that you stay within the allotted budget. You have been given a maximum spend towards your marketing and if it goes over the higher-ups won’t be please and it will reduce you return on investment. This becomes a balance of quality and cost because, although none of our custom printed bags are bad quality, there are nicer bags than others. The Horizon 5oz Cotton Tote Bag is a great item to receive and is very popular due to its low cost and high quality. However bags like the Groombridge 10oz Cotton Tote Bag is of a higher quality as it is made from 10oz cotton, has a 10cm gusset and different canvas cotton feel.

When you need your custom printed bags…

InvincibleLots of people hand out their promotional merchandise at events like exhibitions. They may only be attending for a few days so you need to ensure the products arrive in time for your event. A lot of our tote bags are perfect for things like this with lead times of only a 5 days. If you need them any faster than that, the Invincible Cotton Shopper Bags will do the job with its incredibly short production time of only 3 days!


Hopefully this post has helped you decide what custom printed bag is the best suit for you and our brand. If you have decided or even if you want to discuss further, don’t be afraid to call on 0113 322 1010 or email sales@promoparrot.com. Don’t forget to share this article if you enjoyed it or found it useful.

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The many uses of your Branded Mugs

Many uses of your Branded MugsMugs have been a very popular promotional item for a very long time. The combination of their cost, their branding options and their practical use. As we have discussed before, providing your customer with a genuinely useful product is a great way to improve their impression of your brand and will also increase the amount of brand exposure. Branded Mugs get these benefits just through Holding cups of tea and coffee but what most companies don’t realise is that the practicality can actually stretch quite far, being used for things you may not have thought of! In this article we are going to go over almost every different way that your customers may be using your mugs for and how your customers will be seeing your brand.

Soup and PastaSoup

Quick food is something that is very popular in the world and for good reason. It’s fast, easy and usually doesn’t need a lot to make. This is the case for things like instant soup and pasta. Lots of brands are made that all you need is some boiling water, a fork and a mug. Very popular for people with a busy lifestyle who need their food quick.

Food Bowl

Whether having guests round or just to try and moderate themselves, many people put nibbles like chocolates, crisps and raisins in some form of container to make it easier to pick up and eat. Although bowls are the more popular utensil for this, mugs are also used quite frequently as well. People do this frequently as well to limit themselves. We have all experienced it when you buy a bag of food, whether sweets, chocolates or fruit, and struggled to not eat the whole thing in one sitting. That is why people poor them into mugs and set restrictions to how much they can eat.

Pen PotsPen Pot

Many people in offices have a fair bit of stationary on their desk to do their work and to make notes and reminders. This can make the desk look messy however if they are not stored in something. This is why many people (including myself) puts them into a mug that is one their desk. It keeps all your utensils together in a presentable and accessible way. Plus it saves on having to buy a pen pot.

Mug CakeMaking Cakes

Everyone likes cakes and treats of that variety and you may be shocked to hear that these deserts can be made using one of your promotional mugs! There are plenty of recipes you can follow online that show you can make tasty pudding with a mug, ingredients and a microwave. A great thing to do if you want to make a quirky desert for friends and family and is a fun experience that kids and parents can enjoy together.

A Circle Stencil

Everyone struggles to draw circles. Even experienced artists that draw on a day to day basis. This is why people like to use circular objects to draw around to help make the circles look as great as they can. This is where your promotional mug come in as the circular base of most of our mugs makes for a great stencil to draw around. Just adding a bit more convenience to your client’s day.

Pet Food Scoops

A very practical use for mugs is to work as a scoop. The handle with the large capacity makes it a great way to move things like dog food and cat food. This means that your mug has the chance to become that permanent utensil which will be used by your clients frequently throughout the day. This would lead to a lot of brand exposure for your client and would build a positive impression of you brand due to the functional use you have provided.

Phone AplifierPhone Amplifier

With mobile phones becoming a massive source of entertainment, we watch lots of videos and listen to a lot of music using our phones and when you want to show your friends and family something you have been enjoying recently. However, sometimes the speakers on our phones aren’t enough and you need something to amplify the sound. That’s why lots of people will stick their devices into you mug to echo the sound and have the sound travel further, meaning more people will be able to hear the sound.

Have any other ideas of what your printed mugs can be used for. Let us know in the comments below or tell us on social media. While you’re at it, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family as well…

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How much is your Promotional Merchandise worth?

How much Are Your Promotional Merchandise is worth?

It can be quote shocking how much value a company logo can add to a promotional product. Although these products are usually given out to customers for free to get as much advertising as they can out into the world many other businesses just sell these items alongside their usual stock. Sometimes they can be a massive money earner and work great as a new line of products. Even though we sell our products for a very cheap price, that doesn’t take away from their quality, which is why they are usually so sought after.

Not only that but sometimes, depending on the branding, customers will see great value in this merchandise and will sell it as a collector’s item. This is usually items given out at events or given away for free that are exclusive to that event can sell for a large amount on eBay and other sites. This all begs the question, how much is my merchandise worth? In this article we are going to look at some example of sold promotional merchandise and discuss why they have sold for so much.

How much businesses sell promotional merchandise:

Game of Thrones Mug

HBO have really struck gold with their Game of Thrones series. Millions of people across the planet watch it, some even staying up till very late hours to catch the episode as soon as it release. HBO have obviously taken advantage of this by producing lots of GOT merchandise that they sell on their store. Having a look through, you can see that they sell quite a few mugs with quotes from the series. You can see that they have a white Cambridge mug with a dye sublimation print in their stock. We sell this mug for as low as £1.95 and they have this kind of mug on sale on their site for a massive £11.95!

ACDC Keyring

Band merchandise is something that people have always hunted down. Fans like to represent the brands they love and show off to the world who they listen to and follow. The groups are always happy to oblige to as many have shops on their main site just to sell their merchandise. Of these bands is ACDC who sell many different things, including keyrings. They have the same items as our Custom PVC Keyring on their site, which we sell for as low as 37p, at the price of £6!

How much customers sell promotional merchandise:

David Bowie Bag

The Horizon Cotton Tote Bag is a very popular item to give out at events due to its low price, effectiveness and utility. This is exactly that went through the minds of people exhibiting at a V&A Exhibition. You could find a branded orange tote bag with an image of the late David Bowie printed on it. A very nice looking bag that pays respect to the iconic artist. The person selling this has it up for a whopping £15.80 when the bag may not have costed even half that much. We believe it can’t have costed much more than £1.17 to produce so it just shows how much people value merchandise.

Nintendo Switch Bottle of Water

One of the largest sales of promotional merch we have ever see has to be for the Nintendo Switch bottle of water that was sold on eBay. A little background, Nintendo in early 2016 were preparing to launch their latest gaming system known as the Switch and to promote it they ran events where the press and the public could try it out. With these event, you could get a simple bottle of 8oz bottle with the Switch logo printed on the label to keep yourself refreshed. Although we don’t have the exact bottle on our site, we do sell a 330ml/11.5oz bottle of water for only 32p at the largest quantity. How much was this person selling this bottle of water on eBay for? An astronomical $100! Around £77 for English people. It is truly unbelievable how much some of these products gain in worth by simply printing a logo on it…

Why they are worth so much:

The reason that these products become so profitable is because the branding is worth a lot in the purchasers mind. A fan of Game of Thrones will understand the reference that is printed and will appreciate the mug more, making it more valuable in their eyes. Same with the ACDC Keyring. Exclusivity is also a major aspect because you can only get the David Bowie bag and the Nintendo Switch Bottle at the events they were given out at. This makes the item a collector’s item where massive fans are willing to spend so much for something so rare. Plus the fact that it is official merchandise made by the company also helps raise the value as of some of the products as well. If your product has any of these aspects, it may be worth selling instead of just giving out but that is for you to decide.

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Necessities You Need for Your Next Trade Show

Everyone has been to a trade show or an exhibition at some point in their life. Whether you are coming to find a product or service or are trying to sell your product or service, they have always been a great advertising opportunity when done correctly. This is why you need to ensure you bring all the right equipment, people and items to make the very most out of the event. Below we created a checklist for you to go through before attending your next show that you should ensure you take with you to get the highest return on investment.

Appealing stand

Trade Show StandsThe first step to selling your product is getting people to come to your stand. A well designed stand that draws attention, fits with your branding and is inviting is the first step towards making a sale. It is the first thing the customer will see of your brand.

Appropriate attire

Suit guyMost people would say that you need your staff to be dressed formal, we say dress appropriately! You may work in an informal business or may decide to dress up to go with your theme. Just ensure that everyone looks presentable and pleasantly.

Knowledgeable staff

Knowledgeable staffThis should be obvious but make sure your spokespeople know everything about the brand and its services. If they are unprepared they will come across negatively and doesn’t give the impression that your business is knowledgeable about your industry and service and they won’t believe they are safe in your hands.

Snacks and refreshments

Snacks and drinksTired staff are not productive staff. Ensure that they are kept refreshed and energised with drinks and food so they can continue selling! Plus if you brand the food and drink you can advertise at the same time…

Promotional Products (Obviously)

Printed MugsAlthough it is obvious that we would recommend this we are not the only one. Everyone recommends handing out a piece of merch at these events as it draws people to your stand, gives them a positive impression of your brand and gets them an item that will remind them of you everytime they see the item.

To see more info on what you need to consider before exhibiting a t a trade show, see our Trade Shows: Investing Your Money Wisely blog post.

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Prices dropping for the Promotional Mug Category

Even with the impact of Brexit, Our Promotional Mug prices are going down!

As many businesses do, we have decided to go through every product in one of our categories and give them a little bit of a clean-up. The first category we decided to revamp is one of our most popular categories, that being Promotional Mugs. We updated lot of different things like the images, the descriptions, lots of technical behind the scenes info and, most importantly, the prices! And as stated previously, most of them have reduced in price giving you a better deal than ever. Not only that but some new mugs have entered the fray, with great prices and quality! In this blog post we will be looking at some of the highlights from the recent update to hopefully find the product you want for the prices you want!

Promotional MugsWant to jump straight into the category and look for yourself follow the button below to head straight there:

Significant Price Drops:

Coloured Cambridge MugThe Cambridge mugs of one of the many products that have benefited from this update with many of the different options reducing in price. For starters, the orange and purple mugs are now the same price for most quantities as the other coloured mugs, which have also had a price reduction. This means that you are now saving 32p per mug on the 2016 price break!

Cambridge Dye Sublimation MugAnother Cambridge mug that has had a price reduced is the White Dye Sublimation Mug. This is a great item to get reduced as it allows you to print your artwork in as much detail as possible covering the mug from the top to the bottom. Now you can get your logo printed on the most popular mug in as much detail as you want for only £1.95, which is 16p cheaper on the quantity of 2016!

Marrow Mug - Red DuoEvery red duo mug has also has a price reduction as well! That is the Cambridge Red Duo, the Sparta Red Duo and the Marrow Red Duo that you can get for a lot cheaper than before. The Marrow is now 1.69, Cambridge is now £1.49 and the Sparta is now £1.48. That’s a price drop of 39p, 19p and 20p respectively!

Cafe Latte MugOne of the biggest drops in price is the Café Latte Mug. This stylish mug has been sitting at £2.77 at the 2016 quantity since the site began. This mug has been relatively popular due to its shape, capacity and its various branding options. After doing our check through the category and its products it is now sitting at a much more comfortable price of £1.70. That is a reduction of £1.07 per mug!

Quadra MugAnother sleek designed mug that has seen a great price decrease is the Quadra Mug. This rounded rectangular shaped mug used to be priced at £2.57 but now a whole 39p has been knocked off making it £2.18! This saves you a lot of money at the 2016 quantity…


New Products:

Quantum MugThe first new product that has been added to the site is the very uniquely designed mug titled the Quantum. This mug stands out with its angular handle, rippled texture on the base and large capacity of 400ml. With white as standard, you can spend a little extra and get a very professional black version.  If you want to stand out from the competition, there is no better mug!

Pint MugIf you want to make a big impression on your clients? Well take a look at our massive Pint Mug that can hold a full pint of any drink! Its large size means that the branding area is also huge allowing you to fit on a lot of info. The mugs also sports a simple design that is very durable. A very eye-catching mug that will work wonders for any business.

Frosted Glass Photo MugThe final new item that has been added to the site is a very sleek looking mug made from Frosted Glass! The Frosted Glass Photo Mugs is a great promotional item as not only can you print your logo with a full colour design but it also gives the artwork a translucent effect that makes the mug very aesthetically pleasing. A product your clients will never forget.

These are some of the biggest changes you will notice in our Promotional Mugs category. Keep an eye out for some freshly added images for products now as well. We are sure you will like what you see. Keep up to date on the latest Promo Parrot news on our social media channels as we will be updating more categories and prices in the near future.

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Promotional Gin Glasses in “The Year Of Gin”

The Year Of Gin

Gin has always been a popular drink due to how versatile it is, being able to be used in new cocktails and drinks every year. However, in the past five to ten years gin sales had slumped and reached a lower plateau than it is used to. This is likely because of the rise in popularity of other alcoholic beverages like ciders and wines.  Recently however, new distilleries opened up meaning the choices of gin increased over time and slowly popular bars, especially in London, noticed the increase in demand and it became the IT drink. In the last 12 months sales of gin increased by 16% and over 40 million bottles were sold in the UK.

BarSome of the leading gin distilleries are Gordon’s and Hendriks with more alternative makes growing and even starting, with around 40 new companies springing up in the past year alone. A lot of people are very specific with how they have their gin and can even be particular about how it is served depending on what brand of gin is used. For example Hendricks gin is served over ice topped up with tonic and garnished with a slice of cucumber for the best experience, Gordon’s gin is served over ice topped up with tonic and lemon. Even the glass used it usually chosen specifically for the drink but more on that later.

Gin is made using distilled ethanol and has an agricultural origin. One of the main ingredients of almost every gin is juniper berries, with some using other natural botanicals as well that gives the flavouring that people have come to love. In recent times cocktail bars are finding new ways to use gin in their drinks and what started out as the simple martini is now been developed and used amongst other alcohols to make a whole range of beverages. Long island iced tea is one of the most popular options mixing gin, vodka, tequila and coke together for unique experience. This variety of uses this drink has is increasing how many people consume it. The increase in bars that use it means that younger people as well as older people are keeping the market going and further boosting sales for gin.

Promotional Gin GlassesThe increase in popularity for gin had encouraged bars to promote the drink and inspired the launch of festivals that solely focus on this one drink, the different brands and the cacophony of different mixtures and cocktails available for them! This build in popularity makes this a very good time to produce some promotional gin glasses. They can be branded with up to 4 colours and are perfect for cocktail bars due to the demand for gin and different drink concoctions that include it. We have recently added the promotional gin glass to our product range, allowing you to make some very elegant and useful glasses for you to use for whatever you may need. These can be used as a giveaway at parties, events and festivals or can be used in pubs, bars and clubs with the establishment’s logo or even the gins makes logo (with their permission of course). One popular distribution method is to make a hamper that has a branded gin glass as well as miniature bottles of gin, cocktail stirrers and other treats within. A lot of businesses like to team branded gin glasses with cocktail shakers, a cocktail recipe book and a bottle of gin so people can try their hand at making their own drinks at home or with friends and family.

Promotional gin glasses are perfect for any business that relates to alcohol as although we have focused on gin in this blog, they are able to be used with any drink imaginable. As mentioned bars, clubs and restaurants would find great usage out of these products but their use stretches even further. Having a big company celebration? Why not brand your glasses! Got a big business event where you will meet lots of customers and must make a good impression? It’s also a good idea to bring your branded glasses with you. Promotional glasses are always a great idea, and with gin being as popular as it is, promotional Gin Glasses seems like the obvious choice…


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Branded Sports Bottles

Summer time

Branded Sports BottlesSummer is here! That means it’s the perfect time to purchase your branded sports bottles. The warmth of the season leads to people being dehydrated a lot more frequently, which will make them want to carry drinks around with them on the go. With this being the case, one of the best options is for them to carry a sports bottle as they can contain a lot of liquid, are perfect for cool drinks and can be easily sealed to avoid spillage. With this being the case, the marketing opportunities that arrive if you can get your branded sports bottles into their hands is staggering. This is because not only will they see it and be reminded of your brand constantly but they will be carrying in public and with friends and family who will also see your branding, increasing your brand recognition massively.

Branded sports bottles are good for specific sectors

Branded sports bottles, although not industry specific, can be very effective in certain sectors such as gyms and leisure centres. They are usually given out to customers who sign up with them in the hopes of enticing people to sign up with them and so they will use it at work or in other areas and not just while at their facilities. They are also popular with schools as all student are required to have a drink of water with them. With young pupils, using cups in schools often leads to spillage so having branded sports bottles they are reducing this risk while also promoting the school when they go on school trips.

On a family trip

One of the very effective methods of distributing branded sports bottles is at places such as theme parks and zoos. The idea behind this method is that you can buy a standard drink for a certain price or you can buy a slightly more expensive version that comes in a sport bottle that can be refilled throughout the day. These can be standard bottles or certain companies use novelty versions to increase intrigue and draw more people in. The free refills incentivise people to go for this option as it will save them money while there and they can take the bottle home, which means they will be promoting the company as well. Another reason this is a good method of distributing promotional merchandise is because people are willing to travel quite far to reach theme parks and zoos so when they do take them back it will reach people far from the local area.

The sporty time of year

With summer coming up there are many large outdoor galas and big sporting events as well as sports days it is very common for things to be given away. Charities usually run big fund raisers in summer as well where people do races, obstacle courses and treks all in order to boost the money a charity has. Companies already sponsor events like these as onlookers who attend will see your company there, which is a massive boost in brand recognition and sales. People take it the extra step though and brand sports bottles to give to onlookers and contestants who can take them home after the actual function is over.

A diverse product

Groove Sports Bottle

Groove Sports Bottle

Baseline Sports Bottle

Baseline Sports Bottle

They are a diverse and cost effective method of promoting your business due to their various colour options, sizes and designs available. Some branded sports bottles can also be pantone matched to reflect a company’s colours exactly, the print on the bottles can also be pantone matched up to full colour. These come in 300ml 500ml and 750ml in different shapes, the lids can also be mixed and matched for the ideal product, not only can you change the colour of the lid but the shape of it can be changed too we have the push pull standard closure then the valve closure we also offer the flip lid. We have two main lines of sports bottles that include the Baseline Range and the Groove Range. The Baseline offering a basic yet functional design while the groove has an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand.

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Promotional Fidget Spinners out now – Staying on Top of the Trends!

You read it correctly, the highest trending item of 2017 can now be printed with your logo! Promotional Fidget Spinners are a great choice for companies who are looking to boost their brand recognition and sales. Why these products have become so popular across the world is a mystery but they have captured the attention of millions. This popularity may be shocking to most people as they are just a simple plastic toy which has weighted protrusions that spin on an axis that the user grips.

Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t deny the impact it has had on 2017; plenty of stores now sell them, thousands of posts and videos uploaded to the web about them every day and just the general buzz that has followed them everywhere. Despite this many people don’t understand the effects and benefits that these little toys can have on your wellbeing and how they assist specific people with conditions. This is one of the things we are going to discuss in the blog post and now that they are a promotional item, we are going to bring to attention the many benefits that using these products in your advertising can have.

The Benefits of Promotional Fidget Spinners on the User

Promotional Fidget SpinnersAlthough the abundance of fidget spinner Trick videos available and general discussing on this product may lead you to think otherwise, these products can actually be beneficial for your mental wellbeing. Working in a similar way to the printed stress ball before it, promotional fidget spinners give the user a sensory distraction that will take their mind off anything that is causing distress allowing you to relax easily and ready yourself for what you are doing after. Playing with it on various occasions when you feel distracted helps you take your mind off it and then helps you to focus on what you are working on, whether that be a school assignment, business project or for a hobby.

Not only is this good for this reason but promotional fidget spinners are also believed to help people with mental health issues like anxiety, ADHD and autism. It helps anxiety by distracting from what is causing the person stress and can help people with ADHD and autism by helping them focus. The benefits can aid people fighting addiction too, possibly being the thing that takes their mind of the habit for good.

The Benefits of Promotional Fidget Spinners on Businesses

Spinning Fidget SpinnerPerhaps the most obvious thing first, the popularity of these Promotional Fidget Spinners means that they will be highly sought after by your client base and wouldn’t be ignored. They will take up any opportunity they can get to get their hands on these toys. Not only that but every time your fidget spinner is used, they will see your artwork and be reminded of your brand, leading them to think of you next time they need something you provide.

Your brand could reach further than just the people who actually pick up the item as they are a very popular on social media. If they use your promotional fidget spinners to show off tricks that they can do or just to show friends and followers their new spinner. Not only that but their small size makes them easy to distribute to clients, whether that is a face to face exchange or through mail, making the distribution of your item very easy and cheap. Their popularity grew around spring time of 2017 and they are predicted to be very popular over the summer as well with their simplicity giving them a wide appeal and their popularity making them highly sought after.

We can also provide a LED variant that flashed with colourful lights to make the appeal even greater! There is no better time to get your own Promotional Fidget Spinners than now. Call us on 0113 322 1010 or email us at sales@promoparrot.com and we can get a quote to you as soon as possible.

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The Production Process On A Bag!

The production process can be a complicated thing. Different products go through different processes in order to get your logo printed onto the product of your choice. We wanted to showcase how it works for one of our products and what better product to use than the Horizon Tote Bag! We always say “if you’re going to do it, you should do it right” so we got a little creative and produced the bag below:

The Production Process Bag

Not only does this bag show off the production process from the plain to printed but also presents most of the different prints you can actually get on the product; going from 1 colour to 7 colours to even show off a full colour transfer print. We thought it was a interesting and inventive way to show off the process that is still very informative. In this blog post we are going to go into more depth about each step to wipe away any confusion that may remain.

1 Colour - Sale1 Colour – Sales

This is what we handle in the office and is the step before anything in production happens. We quote products for you, add products to the site and email deals to our clients in order to get the right product for you for the right price. Once we have received the order, step to begins…

2 colours - Artwork2 Colours – Artwork

We have your artwork and your order. Production will now create an Artwork Visual of what your logo will look like when it is printed on your  product (in this case a bag). You will see the mock-up, request any changes and then approve it through our website. Now that we know you are happy with the artwork, we send it back to production and the magic begins.

3 colour - warehouse3 Colours – Warehouse

Going through our warehouse of products, we will get the stock we need for your order and take it to our printing facilities. We get the amount listed in your order and ferry them over whether by hand or by forklift.

 4 colour - pre press & ink mixing4 Colours – Pre Press & Ink Mixing

The bags have just come in to the facility but unfortunately they do not come as pristine and crisp due to the storage process. That why the first thing we do in the production process is Pre Press them to flatten them and get them looking how they should. While this is going on we begin to mix the ink we will use to dye the bag. We will match the pantone colours that are listed on your artwork approval so that we can print with colours that exactly match your brand.

5 colour - screen print5 Colours – Screen Print

Screen printing is the most common process of printing on our Horizon Bag. It is called that as a screen is placed on top of the bag and the ink is applied on top of it so that it forms the shape that the screen makes. For example if the screen had a love heart cut out of it the ink would leave a love heart on it.

6 colours - Transfer & DTG Printing6 Colours – Transfer Print & DTG Print

Transfer prints are used to get full colour images printed onto the bag. The artwork is printed onto a special sheet which is then placed on the bag and heated up, transferring all of the ink from the sheet onto the material. The print is first made in a mirror image method to ensure that the final transfer is the correct way round.

DTG stands for Direct To Garment and is the method of printing that involves special inkjet technology that uses special inks to dye the fibres of the bag. It is another way of getting digital prints onto the bag so you can accurately represent your brandings colours and shading on your bag. The method of printing is chosen for the artwork that needs to be printed.

7 colours - QC7 Colours – QC

Now that the bag has your artwork emblazoned onto the front or back, we do a quality check to make sure the bags are up to our high standards. We take a certain percentage of the bags and if any of the bags have errors we do a check of the whole stock and replace the faulty ones.

Transfer Print - DispatchTransfer – Dispatch

What else left is there to do after the bags have been printed and quality checked other than to send them to you! All dispatches are sent by courier to be with you as soon as possible.

1 Colour - Satisfied CustomerBack to 1 Colour – Satisfied Customer

After traveling through all of the print specifications we have come back to the 1 colour print to end off on. You will have received your tote bags, printed beautifully with your logo and artwork, and be able to use them how you please!

You can give them out to your prospects at a trade show, distribute alongside your main product or you can dispatch them via direct mail to your favourite customers. Whatever you decide to do, you and your customers will love the final bags.

The end of the Production Process

That marks the end of the production process of our famous Horizon Tote Bags. Although not the exact same, this model is very similar to all our other products and may have slight differences due to the product and the print. So hopefully you have learnt a thing or two about how we turn a simple plain bag into the promotional item of your dreams.

See The Simple Steps for an overview of the order process and the steps that you go through the details that you will go through instead of the actual  creation of the product.

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