8 Benefits of Using Promotional Products

8 Benefits of Using Promotional ProductsWhat are the benefits of using promotional products?

Later in this blog we have listed many of the benefits of using promotional products and merchandise. Having an advertising campaign is essential to a business that wants to keep growing and showcasing its talents. Promotional merchandise is a great way to keep your advertising campaign going into the offices and homes of your potential and existing clients.

Promotional products are affordable items that can sway your prospective clients to be interested in your brand. Branded merchandise, such as bags and mugs, have uses in offices whilst benefiting many other areas of business to give a long lasting and effective brand impression. The goal of promotional giveaways is to attract and appeal to customers. People are grateful for a free product and consumers really appreciate useful products that add value to their lives.

The following are 8 key benefits of using promotional products and how they reap great rewards in your marketing campaign.

1 How promotional gifts can invoke a sense of brand loyalty

Americano Travel Mug

One of the most important aspects of a successful business is to ensure good engagement with new customers. What is a better way to engage with a potential client that with a free gift? It has been shown in various studies that giving a gift to your customer increases chances of your customer choosing you over your competitors by invoking a sense of brand loyalty.

2 How having a good relationship with your clients pays in the long run

Building strong and meaningful connections with your customers is a quality that will ensure your company will benefit in the long-run. Customers recognise that if companies try and build meaningful relationships with their customers they are more likely to recommend their friends and family to that specific brand, this can be very advantageous for your company in the future.

Curvy BallpenBuilding strong relationships can be done by having frequent giveaway competitions on social media such as branded gifts or tickets to events. This is great for customers who win the competitions but also it starts to build engagement with the customer base whilst increasing the engagement of your network. Your network can be many different people from suppliers and partners, business colleagues and professionals, potential and existing customers right the way to family and friends.

3 Using promotional products to make customers passionate about your brand


A great benefit for using branded merchandise is that customers can develop a passion for your brand, values and products through being engaged emotionally. Consider Coca-Cola’s 2 year marketing campaign of “share a Coke” which consisted of personalised names on Coke bottles in the UK. This campaign created a personal relationship with consumers who could contact Coke directly and request their names on a Coke bottle. The Coca-Cola website state that during the campaign “Over 730,000 glass bottles personalised via the e-commerce store”. This was a great gauge of the customers willingness to share information and interest for the brand and increasing interactions with the brand itself.

4 Reward your clients and build relationships with them using promotional merchandise

GroupHanding out branded gifts can set the steps in place to build relations with an existing client. Gifting a promotional product shows that you are a distinctive and attractive brand which benefits your brand identity. Consumers get passionate about a brand when their emotions are triggered. This emotional response can be used in a variety of different advertising mediums such as branded merchandise which is a great way to reward a customer. Whether a brand is adventurous or creative, giveaways will create a fan base with strong levels of commitment. Think of Red-Bull’s association with extreme sports. Just seeing the logo on a can of Red-Bull can fill customers with a sense of excitement and passion.

5 Showing commitment to existing customers leads to strong customer retention

Trolley Coin KeyringShowing commitment to existing customers can have profound business results. A recent study claimed that “It costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one”. This shows that brand commitment is definitely worth investing in. Providing existing customers with personalised, tangible products is a very effective way to keep them interested in your brand. The main benefit to these results is that you can focus on existing customers which can dramatically increase your return on investment.

6 Advertising using promotional products is a cost-effective marketing strategy

Promotional merchandise is cost-effective when considered in terms of impressions (an impression is a single view of a particular ad) compared to other forms of advertising media. Branded items have a lower cost per impression compared to conventional forms of advertising such as newspaper, TV and magazine advertisement. Whilst the conventional advertising is often passive and indirect to specific users, the advantage of specialised promotional products is that the branded products can often have a much more active interaction with customers.

Oyster Card HolderConsider the number of times a consumer will be exposed to a conventional TV or magazine ad compared to a promotional gift such as a pen or a mug. A recent American study stated that “TV and magazine ads both cost 1.8 cents per impression, ad specialities (promotional products) cost an average of 0.6 cents per impression”. This study shows that promotional products have a clear benefit over conventional advertisements, as they are 66% more cost effective per impression than conventional forms of advertising.

7 Most branded merchandise is passed along to a friend boosting “cost per impressions”

GroupsDue to their useful nature, promotional merchandise is typically passed along from person to person. A study from the ASI organisation said that “more than half of the consumers report that they will give away a [promotional] product that they are finished with rather than throwing it away”. When a consumer does this your brand image benefits from increased impressions.

The same study done by the ASI found that in London “15% of consumers throw away a product away, 18% file the item away and 67% give the item to someone else.”

8 How can promotional products generate sales and increase leads?

Promotional products have been shown to make a lasting impression on existing and potential customers helping to generate new leads and sales. The chart below shows that as an advertisement medium “promotional products” have a 50.7% success rate of a call to action. This means that when a promotional product has a call to action such as go on a website or call up a number for some information it has a higher success rate that conventional forms of advertising such as TV and radio.

Mediums That Motivate Recipients To Complete A Call To ActionSo here are the major benefits of using promotional products.

1)      A promotional gift can invoke brand loyalty after a conversation is over.

2)      Having good relationships with your clients will pay off in the long run with effective return on investment

3)      Using promotional products makes customers passionate about your brand or company.

4)      Promotional merchandise can be used to reward your customers by creating an intimate relationship with your clients

5)      Create stronger customer retention by showing commitment to existing customers using promotional products

6)      Promotional merchandise is a cost-effective marketing strategy compare to conventional forms of advertising.

7)      Boost your “cost per impression” with branded merchandise as most merchandise is passed along to a friend after use.

8)      Promotional products are a great instigator to generate sales and increase leads by having your brand in your customer’s life.Blue-Line

An understanding of the benefits of promotional products is important to correctly implement them into your advertising campaign. As a business, you can take the time to learn what your customers need as a consumer and then give then give them a promotional gift that can add value and benefit to their day to day lives. We have an extensive and growing range of great promotional products … see our store for more details! If you can’t find what you’re looking for we supply a bigger variety than currently listed so, please get in touch today to see if we can help. One of our friendly members of staff will be able to take care of your needs. Call us on 0113 3221010 or email us at sales@promoparrot.com

If there are any more key points we’ve missed please let us know in the comments section below!

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The Power of Promotional Products

The Power Of Promotional ProductsPromotional products have been a popular choice for building brand recognition during marketing campaigns. Now that advertising on the internet provides large amounts of ways of tracking the results of advertising, it’s important to show that promotional and branded gifts have positive effects on your brand and sales.

BPMA (The British Promotional Merchandise Association) have conducted several surveys and done research that provides evidence that there is a direct correlation between promotional product advertising and an improvement in brand recognition and an increase in sales.

ROI for Promotional Products

In addition, to brand awareness and better sales, this form of advertising yields a better return on investment.

Here are some of the key findings from a survey conducted by the BPMA. The research included surveying close to 15,000 people who had received a promotional product for free within the previous year.

66% of all participants claimed they could recall the brand on the promotional product they received within the last 12 months.

The ROI (Return On Investment) on promotional products delivered a better return on investment than radio and outdoor advertising, and is equal to TV and prin.

79% of all those surveyed would be likely to do business with that company again.

Most participants (87%) kept a promotional product for longer than a year!

About half (56%) said their impression of the company improved after receiving a branded promotional gift.

Popular Promotional Products

The most popular promotional products in terms of favourites listed by those who were surveyed were USB Drives, pens, an electrical item, or a mug.

Blog Image 2When it comes to how long a promotional product is kept, mugs were reported to be kept longer than any other promotional item.

When it comes to longevity, a good portion of them – 87% – said they kept a promotional item for longer than a year and 30%, keep promotional products for up to 4 years.

Of course, the longer a promotional product is kept, the more impressions it makes on the recipient and anyone else that sees the recipient using said promotional product,

The impact of these products on recipients is great. They can recall the specific type of product received and remember the brand name or name of the company for a long period of time after receiving it.

In fact, over 94% of those who participated in the research study said that they do not forget the advertiser or the product advertised.

Promotional Products Change Consumer Behaviours

One of the more staggering statistics on branded promotional products uncovered is on how they can change buyer habits. Many consumers are willing to switch their brand in order to receive a free promotional gift. This means that advertising “Free gift with purchase” can be a promotional or branded item, Consumers are much more likely to keep free braded items than they were several years ago.

When asked about re-gifting promotional products, some even said they would give away a promotional product they received to someone else as a gift. One of the main reasons that consumers keep promotional gifts is because they find them useful.

Blog image 3The best combination for an effective promotional product is for it to both be useful to the recipient and relative to your brand for better recollection in the future.

How Are Promotional Products Used?

The main use for promotional products is to increase brand recognition. However, marketing and advertising executives also report that they often use branded merchandise in product giveaways, combining it with a call to action.

In whatever way you decide to use promotional products in your advertising campaign, they are certainly likely to help you build brand awareness and increase sales for your company.

View Our Full Range of Promotional Products Here

Blue-LineFor more information about our promotional products or for a quote don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us on 0113 3221010 or email sales@promoparrot.com

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Must Have Promotional Products This Winter


As the colder months of the year are fast approaching, there are some must have promotional products this winter. Rather than offering your clients something small and unwanted, why not give them an item they will find useful all winter long.

Travel Mugs

Travel mugs are the way to your clients hearts this winter. While you may look at a travel mug and think it’s a mug, you clients will look at it as a gift for them to help them survive their commute to work throughout the cold winter months.

Americano and PoloWhether they are filled with a creamy hot chocolate or an energy filled coffee, they will always look good with your logo on them. With different styles available, you are bound to find one that will suit your promotional needs this winter.At Promo Parrot we have 2 popular styles of travel mug; The Americano and The Polo Plus Travel Mug.

The Polo Plus Travel Mug the standard travel mug with a plastic handle and lid. With a double-walled exterior, this travel mug will keep your drink warm until you reach the office on a morning. Our Americano Mug is also becoming more popular, with a thick single walled exterior, plastic lid and rubber grip, this travel mug is perfect for the morning coffee. Check out the rest of our promotional travel mugs …

Promotional Mugs

Promotional mugs are also very popular. They have many uses as outlined in a previous blog. However, when it comes to the winter months they have one main function, to allow your clients and employees enjoy a hot drink to warm them up when they arrive at work.

With many different styles available, there is guaranteed to be one to suit your business and promotional needs.

Our most popular mug is the Cambridge Mug. This mug is the basic mug, with thick walls and a deep bottom this mug will keep your clients warm for quite a while. This mug is perfect for all hot drinks possible. With many different printing methods available, there’s got to be a printing method to suit your design. Check out the rest of our promotional mugs …

Ice Scrapers

The winter brings the ice and snow to the heart of the country. Why not prevent your client from having to hunt for an ice scraper?

Credit Card Ice ScraperPromotional ice scrapers are overlooked during the run up to winter as many people like to forget about the cold and slippery weather that is to come.

Our promotional Credit Card Ice Scraper is perfect for the working professional. Thanks to the small design and tough exterior, theses ice scrapers are always handy to have. Why not help you client replace their ice scraping credit card, with an ice scraper the exact same size so it will still fit in their purse or wallet. Check out our full range of promotional winter products here …


Promotional umbrellas are another of the huge sellers during the winter months. There are many different style and types of umbrellas that are available.

Essex and Budget Golf Many of these umbrellas are overlooked during the summer months and when it comes to the autumn, businesses don’t have any for their clients at their meetings. Why not start thinking about your promotional umbrellas now?

Our 2 most popular promotional umbrellas here at Promo Parrot are the Essex Folding Umbrella and our Budget Golf Umbrella. Our Essex Folding Umbrella is a huge hit for those city executives who want an umbrella that they are able to carry around with them at all times. The Essex fulfills this as it is lightweight and compact. Our Budget Golf Umbrella is a huge hit with businesses that have events coming up as you can fit more than one person underneath a golf umbrella. The Budget Golf Umbrella is the perfect umbrella for any upcoming event. Check out our full range of umbrellas here …


For any further information don’t hesitate to contact us on 01133221010 or email sales@promoparrot.com

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The History of Promotional Products

The History Of Promotional Products

Have you ever wondered about the history of promotional products ? In this blog we will look at the basics of the history!

Blog Image for First Paragraph

Many, if not all of us have been the recipient of promotional products in the past such as personalised pens, pencils, stationary and promotional bags. You would have been sent promotional products like these because marketing types all know that they all make great free promotional gifts, helping to boost awareness of brand names and build brand loyalty in a crowded market!
In fact, nowadays the choice of such promotional items is forever increasing. It includes such things as personalised notebooks, printed t-shirts and all kinds of promotional mugs, printed balloons and keyrings. These are all to be found proudly printed with company and brand names, websites, addresses and contact details. The choice is increasingly bewildering today but the world of promotional products all started off, a long time ago in the land of the original marketer, The USA.

Where and when did it start?

Promotional George Washington Button

George Washington Promotional Button

Like all great ideas, many claims have been made regarding the history of the promotional marketing in the form of real-world products promoting causes or brands. Popular consensus suggests that commemorative button, issued around the time of the election of US President George Washington in 1789, are where it all began! Obviously, this was a successful campaign because he was elected to power and held great esteem by all Americans both at the time and down through the ages to today!

Cementing Promotional Success

Perhaps this success then helped to cement the whole idea that promotional gifts are a good thing because all sorts of promotional items started appearing afterwards, such as calendars and almanacs (an annual calendar containing important dates and statistical information) to name a few. In those days both creation and distribution of the items would have been a somewhat haphazard affair with lots of trial and error no doubt involved.

Buggy Whip

Buggy Whip Similar To That Branded By Henry Beach and Jasper Meeks

Staying in the USA one Jasper Meeks, who was a printer in an Ohio town called Coshocton, is thought by many to be the originator of the promotional products industry. The story goes that he had convinced a local shoe shop to supply specially produced book bags, imprinted with the shops name, which were sent out to local schools. Another local Coshocton printer and competitor of Meeks, Henry Beach, saw the idea working and between them they started to create all kinds of promotional items such as card cases, fans, aprons, marble bags, buggy whips and even horse hats for the local cowboys and girl’s mounts.

Into the 20th Century with Promotional Products

PPAI logo

By 1904 there were a fair few manufacturers of promotional items. At this point twelve if these original US manufacturers joined forces to form the very first promotional products trade association, which is nowadays known as PPAI (Promotional Products Association International). This association now has over 10,000 members across the world and represents nearly 25,000 distributors and around 5,000 manufacturers!

What About the History of Promotional Products in the UK?

1970's Promotional Products

An Example Of 1970’s Promotional Products

In both the UK and Ireland the promotional merchandise industry became far more sophisticated during the Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly inspired rock and roll years of the 1950s. It is thought that during these early post-war years, consumers suddenly had more spending power and therefore became a real force to be reckoned with for advertisers! Naturally this helped to boost the existing promotions industry which saw the benefits of interest in promotional items with people having the feel-good factor of more money in their pockets!
As the swinging 60’s moved into the psychedelic 70’s there was further growth in the industry as promotional merchandise became part of everyday lives. Businesses and corporations alike were seeing the benefit of brand recognition and so put more financial resources into this new advertising and marketing channel!

The Emergence of Promotional Items Used by Small Businesses

McDonalds Promotional products

Some Of The First Promotional Products Used By McDonalds In Happy Meals

With the use of gifts featuring their own logo, many brands were built up during this period of time. By the early 1980’s smaller businesses were seeing the light and thus demand grew for manufacturers and distributors to create yet more products for brand promotion. These were then included in product catalogues, which were sent out to countless small businesses allowing them to also get a piece of the action!

This all enabled smaller companies to then market their own products and services to potential clients with promotional items bearing their own branding and logos!

How Do We All Use Promotional Products Today?

Final Blog image

Some Of The Promotional Products Available From Us At Promo Parrot

Whilst a great many of us nowadays spend a vast amount of our time online working, or indeed socialising, it is reassuring to know that your favourite branded mug or personalised pen is likely siting on your desk right next to your computer. You may even need to transfer their data onto a personalised USB Stick. If your out and about it is quite likely that you will be carrying your tablets, laptops and smartphones around likely in a personalised case or bag! You may even have a personalised power-bank with you to charge them all with. If your old school then you could be carrying a a personalised notepook, pen or even corporate gift of your own to whoever you are meeting!
For more information on promotional products don’t hesitate to contact us on 01133221010 or email sales@promoparrot.com.

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Custom Printed Umbrellas

Blog - Custom Printed Umbrella

Custom printed umbrellas are consistently one of our best-selling promotional products. Especially in the last few years when the rainfall in the UK has been especially high (compared with 2000 – 2005 where rain shortage meant that all sorts of water saving legislation were put in place). Promotional umbrellas are very effective marketing and branding tools for several reasons. First and foremost, their branding area is quite large. In fact, here at Promo Parrot, we cannot name another product that can have a logo branded on it at such a big size. This means one obvious thing of course! Your logo and your branding can be visible from a far greater distance than normal promotional items.

Budget Golf Umbrella - Custom Printed Umbrella

The best-selling umbrella that we have on our site is the Budget Golf Umbrella. When this umbrella is opened it provides a sheltering canopy that measures 130cm in diameter. Doesn’t sound big? You will be surprised. When you open them up they are huge and will dwarf all but the tallest person. Also, our mid-sized umbrellas such as our Bedford Umbrella and the Spectrum Value Umbrella are big sellers too. These aren’t as large as the Budget Golf Umbrella of course, but they are a good combination of being big enough for branding (and sheltering from the rain of course) as well as being compact enough to leave in the office or home without getting in the way.

Essex Folding Umbrella - Custom Printed Umbrella

Another of our best-selling products is the Essex Folding Umbrella. This umbrella is perfect for bags and to be stored in the boot of a car for emergencies. This makes for an ideal promotional item for students or children. With promotional printed umbrellas we recommend them to use them as a marketing tool in conjunction with other products. As an item itself, it is fantastic to use to market a brand name and are very effective in showing you logo especially on a gloomy day. However, the nature of the product means it will not provide you with a comprehensive corporate branding saturation that you may be after. Therefore, combining it with other items such as everyday items like pens and bags may offer you greater marketing exposure. Some of the positives and negatives of using a promotional umbrella are listed below (starting with the negatives as this time of year is normally very rainy):

Negatives About Custom Printed Umbrellas –

  1. Umbrellas are not used all the time. It may even go a whole week or two without being used. Its effect and visibility is enormous.
  2. Cost! Basic cheap umbrellas do run the risk of being put away and never use as the lightweight, fibreglass umbrellas.
  3. Colour choice is also key. White umbrellas are not the best choice to go with, this is mainly due to the fact that they will get dirty and spoiled really fast. A colour like black would be much better as the colour wouldn’t fade as quickly and dirt wouldn’t be as visible meaning that they will last longer than a white umbrella.

MADE TV Custom Printed Umbrella

Positives About Custom Printed Umbrellas–

  1. When the umbrella is used, its brand exposure provided is second to nothing. The effect and visibility of the brand then become enormous.
  2. Printed umbrellas are much harder to lose compared with smaller promotional items like pens and bags
  3. With promotional umbrellas there are lots of different colours that you can choose from.  This means that no 2 promotional umbrellas will be the same
  4. A promotional umbrella is a medium term promotional product. This is where you will expect your brand to be visible for several years on the one promotional umbrella.


For more information on promotional umbrellas or if you would like a quote simply contact us today! The range of colours that we have in stock are mind blowing. Call us on 01133221010 or Email us at: sales@promoparrot.com

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Pull Off Great Outdoor Advertising with Promotional Umbrellas

Banner for 2nd blogNowadays, there are a lot of promotional products that are both cost-savvy and effective in marketing any business. Companies can choose from a wide selection of branded merchandise and experience hassle-free advertising. But when it comes to keeping a brand recognised whatever the weather is, there’s no better option than a promotional umbrella. A custom promotional umbrella has a huge edge over the other advertising specialties because of their usability. They are used often, several times a week. People rely on them rain or shine – protection against the sun and other difficult weather conditions.

Plus, they offer long-life use. As long as the umbrella serves its purpose, it will be kept and used over and over again. The best thing about this is that it calls for effortless brand recognition and exposure. Recipients can act as a mobile advertiser, thus, helping you to reach out to wider audience and leave a lasting impression on them. One more amazing feature of these personalised umbrellas is their large printing space. Whether you want to print your logo or corporate tagline, it’s guaranteed that your intended message will be conveyed effectively. Every time recipients use them; your business captures the attention of many passers-by and onlookers.

To help you pull off a successful promotional umbrella campaign, take a look at some printed umbrellas that we at Promo Parrot provide.

Telescopic Umbrella


Looking for an umbrella that’s light and handy, the best option would be a promotional telescopic umbrella. They are small enough to the point that they can even fit in a pocket, handbag, or briefcase and usually come with a sleeve that can be printed with your logo. This type of umbrella is ideal for men and women who feel uneasy when carrying a large umbrella while they are dressed up. So if you think your intended recipients could benefit from a small, lightweight umbrella, then this id the umbrella for your promotion.

Golf Umbrella

Budget Golf Image for blog

Since golf is a well-played sport in the UK, giving out promotional golf umbrellas can help a lot in spreading your name in the green. These golf event branded umbrellas are sturdy enough to make your logo visible and prominent.

So, if you have just lined up some golf tournaments in your corporate calendar, don’t forget these golf umbrellas into your outdoor activity. Such branded products can promote your company and prove to the public that you’re taking the marketing and promotional game very seriously.

Walking Umbrella

1XEC (5)

Promotional walking umbrellas always come in handy when the rain hits the ground or when the sun shines the brightest. These printed umbrellas are equally reliable in any season, making them a perfect marketing gift for your VIP clients, loyal customers and valuable staff members. Among the umbrella types, this kind is the most popular and common freebie given away by companies. Businesses prefer them as a corporate gift not only because of their usefulness but also their high visibility.

Rain or Shine Marketing

Being there for your clients come rain or shine is a solid way to stay ahead of the competition. That’s why you should never think twice about investing in some promotional umbrellas.

Here at Promo Parrot we have a wide selection of promotional umbrellas that can be printed and withstand the most adverse weather conditions. Our line of umbrellas provide a fantastic branding option, which is effective in boosting your brand’s presence and reaching a wider customer base.


For more information about our range of promotional umbrellas, feel free to call us on 0113 322 1010 or email sales@promoparrot.com. Don’t forget to share this article if you enjoyed it or found it useful.


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Why use promotional umbrellas?

Banner 3

Why use promotional umbrellas? 

The winter is fast approaching, the weather is changing and the mornings are becoming wetter and colder. Therefore, a promotional umbrella will help you capitalise from the weather. The opportunities are endless with promotional umbrellas mainly since just one will give you the chance to reach hundreds of people who may benefit from your business. The umbrella will also remind the client that is using it about your business. Promotional umbrellas are a must have for any event this winter, they not only keep your clients dry but also have your company logo all around the event.

They are arguably seasonable…

Grand Imperial umbrella test size

One important thing to remember that promotional umbrellas are very seasonable, they are most popular in the winter months. During the summer, promotional umbrellas are not very popular due to the weather being warmer and normally drier. However, with the British Summer the weather is very unpredictable. Different summer events may still benefit from promotional umbrellas, such as music festivals. If the weather is a complete wash out, hundreds of people will still see your logo. Also, the same occurs in the opposite, if the weather is clear and sunny the promotional umbrellas can be used as a sun shade.

How easy are they to distribute?

Promotional Umbrellas are quite easy to distribute. They are practical meaning that clients will want to keep them for themselves, especially in the winter months. Umbrellas are an item that people don’t want to throw away until they are broken as they always have a use. With smaller, telescopic umbrellas they are easily stored in bags as they take up little space. By them only taking up little space it means that people would be happy to pick one up and take it home.

What is the marketing potential of promotional umbrellas?

1BED (1)

The marketing potential of promotional umbrellas is huge. The main reason for this is the amount of people who use umbrellas. The more people that use a promotional umbrella the bigger the audience reach. Therefore, generating widespread acknowledgement of the business from a single use of a promotional umbrella. The umbrellas will most likely be used around the country and will not only generate more recognition in the location your business is based but possibly around the whole country. As well as the above, other businesses may use the promotional umbrellas for their customers resulting in your brand being distributed further generating further recognition.

What should be considered when buying promotional umbrellas?

1XEC (5)

There are a few points that should be considered when purchasing custom printed promotional umbrellas. Points such as the event, the location and the time of year. The event is a point that sometimes gets overlooked. Mainly for the fact that an umbrella is an umbrella, however, if an event is aimed at businessmen then you don’t want to be giving them an umbrella they will not use themselves. The umbrella choice is key to getting the audience to use them, if the choice isn’t correct for the event then the umbrella may be just thrown to the side and never used. The location of the event is also a major point to be aware of. If the event is to be held in a location with little or no outdoor shelter then the umbrellas should be chosen accordingly. For events like that a bigger umbrella is better as more people can use one umbrella. The time of year is also important as if it was in the middle of the summer less umbrellas would be used. In the winter, more promotional umbrellas will be used as the weather is more likely to be rainy and cold.

Promotional umbrella can be factored into any budget…


When looking at promotional umbrellas, of course you should think about how much of a budget you should be spending on promotional items. When thinking about the costs you will have to sit down and do some careful thinking. What is the best price? Which product has the best price per unit? All these questions need to be answered.  Once these questions are answered, then you are ready to make the choice on how much you have to spend.

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What to consider when branding your own custom printed bags?

What to consider when branding your own custom printed bags

Many marketers spend a lot of time choosing the right custom printed bag for their marketing strategy. This is completely understandable as these strategies are usually timed, are working to a budget and used for a specific purpose or in a certain way. You want to ensure that you pick the right item for the job. Well to help you make this decision this article is going to go through all of the things you need to consider before making a purchase on a particular item.

Are Custom Printed Bags right for you?

Custom Printed BagsThe first thing to consider is whether Bags are right for the marketing campaign you are running. They usually work wonders for most businesses for most campaigns but some may actually return more on investment with different items. For example, if you want the product to remind the employees of a business of your brand then bags may not be the best as people will take them home and they won’t be a constant thing at work. This case may benefit from the inclusion of Printed Mugs as all the staff will see your mugs on a day to day basis in the office when having hot drinks. Whether it works for your business is very dependent on your goals, methods and your audience so just make sure you are choosing the right item.

How are you giving them away?

Giving Tote BagsOne of the biggest deciders for what bag you want would to brand is how you are giving them out. The context is important as only certain bags would make sense when given in the right situation. For example, you may want to give out a cotton bag or a non-woven polypropylene bag when exhibiting at a trade fair or exhibition as they are cheap, durable and high quality. If you are putting the items a customer has just bought in a bag to take away from a shop, you may prefer to give away a paper or a plastic bag.

What Bags would your audience like?

Deal Document Custom Branded BagsSo you’ve decided on getting your own custom printed bags to promote with. Now you need to decide what your target audience would like and use on a regular basis. Your standard tote bag is a pretty good bet as pretty much everyone has a use for one of these bags, whether for shopping trips, carrying dinner from home to work or to take games and items to friend’s house. However, it may be more appropriate to buy a different style of bag due to what they are likely to use it for or what is traditionally used by that group of people. For example, if you are giving products away to students at school, college or university, you may want to give away an item in our “Business & School Bags” category. If you will be reaching people from the tech industry, a laptop bag may be better.

The quality versus the cost…

Horizon 5oz Tote BagsIt is imperative to most marketing methods that you stay within the allotted budget. You have been given a maximum spend towards your marketing and if it goes over the higher-ups won’t be please and it will reduce you return on investment. This becomes a balance of quality and cost because, although none of our custom printed bags are bad quality, there are nicer bags than others. The Horizon 5oz Cotton Tote Bag is a great item to receive and is very popular due to its low cost and high quality. However bags like the Groombridge 10oz Cotton Tote Bag is of a higher quality as it is made from 10oz cotton, has a 10cm gusset and different canvas cotton feel.

When you need your custom printed bags…

InvincibleLots of people hand out their promotional merchandise at events like exhibitions. They may only be attending for a few days so you need to ensure the products arrive in time for your event. A lot of our tote bags are perfect for things like this with lead times of only a 5 days. If you need them any faster than that, the Invincible Cotton Shopper Bags will do the job with its incredibly short production time of only 3 days!


Hopefully this post has helped you decide what custom printed bag is the best suit for you and our brand. If you have decided or even if you want to discuss further, don’t be afraid to call on 0113 322 1010 or email sales@promoparrot.com. Don’t forget to share this article if you enjoyed it or found it useful.

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The many uses of your Branded Mugs

Many uses of your Branded MugsMugs have been a very popular promotional item for a very long time. The combination of their cost, their branding options and their practical use. As we have discussed before, providing your customer with a genuinely useful product is a great way to improve their impression of your brand and will also increase the amount of brand exposure. Branded Mugs get these benefits just through Holding cups of tea and coffee but what most companies don’t realise is that the practicality can actually stretch quite far, being used for things you may not have thought of! In this article we are going to go over almost every different way that your customers may be using your mugs for and how your customers will be seeing your brand.

Soup and PastaSoup

Quick food is something that is very popular in the world and for good reason. It’s fast, easy and usually doesn’t need a lot to make. This is the case for things like instant soup and pasta. Lots of brands are made that all you need is some boiling water, a fork and a mug. Very popular for people with a busy lifestyle who need their food quick.

Food Bowl

Whether having guests round or just to try and moderate themselves, many people put nibbles like chocolates, crisps and raisins in some form of container to make it easier to pick up and eat. Although bowls are the more popular utensil for this, mugs are also used quite frequently as well. People do this frequently as well to limit themselves. We have all experienced it when you buy a bag of food, whether sweets, chocolates or fruit, and struggled to not eat the whole thing in one sitting. That is why people poor them into mugs and set restrictions to how much they can eat.

Pen PotsPen Pot

Many people in offices have a fair bit of stationary on their desk to do their work and to make notes and reminders. This can make the desk look messy however if they are not stored in something. This is why many people (including myself) puts them into a mug that is one their desk. It keeps all your utensils together in a presentable and accessible way. Plus it saves on having to buy a pen pot.

Mug CakeMaking Cakes

Everyone likes cakes and treats of that variety and you may be shocked to hear that these deserts can be made using one of your promotional mugs! There are plenty of recipes you can follow online that show you can make tasty pudding with a mug, ingredients and a microwave. A great thing to do if you want to make a quirky desert for friends and family and is a fun experience that kids and parents can enjoy together.

A Circle Stencil

Everyone struggles to draw circles. Even experienced artists that draw on a day to day basis. This is why people like to use circular objects to draw around to help make the circles look as great as they can. This is where your promotional mug come in as the circular base of most of our mugs makes for a great stencil to draw around. Just adding a bit more convenience to your client’s day.

Pet Food Scoops

A very practical use for mugs is to work as a scoop. The handle with the large capacity makes it a great way to move things like dog food and cat food. This means that your mug has the chance to become that permanent utensil which will be used by your clients frequently throughout the day. This would lead to a lot of brand exposure for your client and would build a positive impression of you brand due to the functional use you have provided.

Phone AplifierPhone Amplifier

With mobile phones becoming a massive source of entertainment, we watch lots of videos and listen to a lot of music using our phones and when you want to show your friends and family something you have been enjoying recently. However, sometimes the speakers on our phones aren’t enough and you need something to amplify the sound. That’s why lots of people will stick their devices into you mug to echo the sound and have the sound travel further, meaning more people will be able to hear the sound.

Have any other ideas of what your printed mugs can be used for. Let us know in the comments below or tell us on social media. While you’re at it, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family as well…

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How much is your Promotional Merchandise worth?

How much Are Your Promotional Merchandise is worth?

It can be quote shocking how much value a company logo can add to a promotional product. Although these products are usually given out to customers for free to get as much advertising as they can out into the world many other businesses just sell these items alongside their usual stock. Sometimes they can be a massive money earner and work great as a new line of products. Even though we sell our products for a very cheap price, that doesn’t take away from their quality, which is why they are usually so sought after.

Not only that but sometimes, depending on the branding, customers will see great value in this merchandise and will sell it as a collector’s item. This is usually items given out at events or given away for free that are exclusive to that event can sell for a large amount on eBay and other sites. This all begs the question, how much is my merchandise worth? In this article we are going to look at some example of sold promotional merchandise and discuss why they have sold for so much.

How much businesses sell promotional merchandise:

Game of Thrones Mug

HBO have really struck gold with their Game of Thrones series. Millions of people across the planet watch it, some even staying up till very late hours to catch the episode as soon as it release. HBO have obviously taken advantage of this by producing lots of GOT merchandise that they sell on their store. Having a look through, you can see that they sell quite a few mugs with quotes from the series. You can see that they have a white Cambridge mug with a dye sublimation print in their stock. We sell this mug for as low as £1.95 and they have this kind of mug on sale on their site for a massive £11.95!

ACDC Keyring

Band merchandise is something that people have always hunted down. Fans like to represent the brands they love and show off to the world who they listen to and follow. The groups are always happy to oblige to as many have shops on their main site just to sell their merchandise. Of these bands is ACDC who sell many different things, including keyrings. They have the same items as our Custom PVC Keyring on their site, which we sell for as low as 37p, at the price of £6!

How much customers sell promotional merchandise:

David Bowie Bag

The Horizon Cotton Tote Bag is a very popular item to give out at events due to its low price, effectiveness and utility. This is exactly that went through the minds of people exhibiting at a V&A Exhibition. You could find a branded orange tote bag with an image of the late David Bowie printed on it. A very nice looking bag that pays respect to the iconic artist. The person selling this has it up for a whopping £15.80 when the bag may not have costed even half that much. We believe it can’t have costed much more than £1.17 to produce so it just shows how much people value merchandise.

Nintendo Switch Bottle of Water

One of the largest sales of promotional merch we have ever see has to be for the Nintendo Switch bottle of water that was sold on eBay. A little background, Nintendo in early 2016 were preparing to launch their latest gaming system known as the Switch and to promote it they ran events where the press and the public could try it out. With these event, you could get a simple bottle of 8oz bottle with the Switch logo printed on the label to keep yourself refreshed. Although we don’t have the exact bottle on our site, we do sell a 330ml/11.5oz bottle of water for only 32p at the largest quantity. How much was this person selling this bottle of water on eBay for? An astronomical $100! Around £77 for English people. It is truly unbelievable how much some of these products gain in worth by simply printing a logo on it…

Why they are worth so much:

The reason that these products become so profitable is because the branding is worth a lot in the purchasers mind. A fan of Game of Thrones will understand the reference that is printed and will appreciate the mug more, making it more valuable in their eyes. Same with the ACDC Keyring. Exclusivity is also a major aspect because you can only get the David Bowie bag and the Nintendo Switch Bottle at the events they were given out at. This makes the item a collector’s item where massive fans are willing to spend so much for something so rare. Plus the fact that it is official merchandise made by the company also helps raise the value as of some of the products as well. If your product has any of these aspects, it may be worth selling instead of just giving out but that is for you to decide.

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