Promotional Pens – The “Write” Way To Promote

If you have ever received a branded piece of merchandise, there is a high chance that it will be a promotional pens. It’s not hard to see why they are so popular with businesses and customers with their cheap prices, relatively large branding area and actual usefulness. There is a very wide selection of pens available on our site, we believe we are the perfect spokespeople to discuss the deeper reasons as to why these products are so popular and what you should consider before printing, transferring or engraving some pens of your own.

Why they are so loved

Penguin Pay Promotional PensIt’s quite easy to say that promotional pens are so popular because of their price but it’s a little more complex than that. It appeals to companies because there is literally a different pen for any occasion. If you want something really cheap to give out to thousands of clients at a tradeshow, give the White Curvy Pen a look. Do you want to gift your most esteemed clients a very high quality pen that they will keep with them forever to make a very large impression, print your logo onto the Swarovski Twist Action Ballpen. Looking to appeal to a younger crowd and show of a more quirky side to your brand, treat them with your very own Jumbo Size High 5 Ballpen. While speaking about how you can customize your pen for any occasion, the branding area of pens usually are very large and cover a good amount of the pen. This is great as it not only makes a company logo or message large and easy to see but it also allows you to fit more detail on there or squeeze more information if you desire.

Another reason promotional pens are loved so much by our customers is that they are a walking advertisement of sorts. Their small size makes them easy to send out as direct mail which is a bonus but they can make their way around to many people and not just reach a small number of people. They will be given to one person to use and then handed to someone else and borrowed by another.

So a promotional pen can not only be customized to any occasion, printed with a large area and would increase the impressions your company logo will achieve? Well that’s not all! The psychology behind promotional products also benefits the use of promotional pens. This is because clients who receive promotional products are more likely to do business with them. Not only that but clients will be happier and more likely to purchase if the product they receive is useful and provides an actual advantageous benefit. Giving out a promotional pen certainly fits into this category or promotional items which has in-turn increased their popularity!

Many Uses of promotional pens

Knitting Promotional PensOne of the most common and best ways to use your branded pens is that you give them to clients at trade shows and events but it isn’t the only way to get the message out. Direct mail is also very popular because of their small size they are cheap to send out in the post. You can also give them out to colleagues and distributed around the office as they are likely to take them home and then given to their friends or family. This is also great for when customers come in to the office as they can take one as they leave to be a friendly reminder of your brand and as a remind of the time you came into your office. You can also send your promotional pens alongside other products that they have bought as a bonus. You can run an offer on a product that your company produce and sell where if they purchase it they will receive a free branded pen as well. Persuading the customer to purchase a product by offering an extra gift is a very effective way to drive sales, plus it provides the same benefits of advertising we have already talked about.

What to consider before choosing your promotional pen

Promax Promotional PenJust like any promotional item, you need to consider everything before branding your pens. The first thing you need to look at is your target audience, whether that be your audience you currently reach, the people you expect to be coming to an event or a new group of people you want to reach out to. As mentioned before, this will affect what products may apply as the people you give to and the impression you want to make will affect what pens will be appropriate. This will also affect what kind of print you want to make on the product. A general rule is that pens are complemented by simple artwork but you may want to include a website or a phone number or even a hashtag.

There is a reason these products are still leading the way in the promotional products industry. The effectiveness, low price and many uses keep it popular with our clients and the clients of our clients. The wide range of pens also means that no matter what industry you are in, you can find a pen for you…

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Promotional Drawstring Bags

Promotional Drawstring Bags

Bags have always been a popular promotional product with things like their large branding area, portability and ease of use. One of the most popular variants of printed bags have been Promotional Drawstring Bags. More than just a gym bag, these can be used for all manner of different things and are very effective with their branding. Well in this blog post we will be looking at various different aspects of marketing your business with these great walking adverts; how and why they are so effective and how they can be used by both you and your customer.

The origins of promotional drawstring bags…

Drawstring bagsAlthough the design of the drawstring bag has become quite iconic and memorable since its conception, the original design was a whole lot different. Originally called a chalk bag (pictured left) would hold powdered chalk and would be attached to someone’s harness, belt or climbing equipment while climbing rocky surfaces. The chalk is used to increase a climber’s grip on the rough surface and this style of bag was chosen for its ease of use. You can open it up easily, with 1hand if you need to, and then pull the cord to close it and ensure very little chalk will fall out for the rest of your climb. The modern design of drawstring bags comes with added security as well. With both of the straps over your shoulders, there is no way to loosen the strings and open the bag without taking the bag off of your bag. This means that nothing is likely to fall out of your bag or taken out of your bag without you noticing.

Uses of drawstring bags…

Reflective drawstring bagThe most common use for promotional drawstring bags is for sporting occasions and fitness. Carrying sporting clothes to and from the event or carrying your gym clothes. This association has come about because of the ease of use that comes with these bags. Simply pull open take what you need out or put something in then pull the strings on the side to tighten and close the bag and take on your merry way. Not only has that but their small size made them perfect for carrying things like that on your back with ease. Plus the design makes carrying equipment easy as well. Things like tennis rackets and badminton rackets can be placed in the bag with the handle sticking out and then just pull the strings tight and then the rackets aren’t going anywhere. The uses of promotional drawstring bags reach a lot further than sport and fitness though. Lots of people use them for general carrying use. I personally have been using one to carry food and drinks to work as it is simple, safe and small. Perfect for traveling on public transport or by car or bicycle. We actually sell promotional drawstring bags that have a reflective stripe on them. Perfect for cyclists and children to ensure that they are clearly visible for road users.

Why are they so darn effective?

Celtic Vapours Drawstring BagMost of our promotional drawstring bags come with a large print area that covers a large space on the front of the bag. This means that your very own printed drawstring bags can be very attention grabbing as the massive size of the print is move visible to people on the go and can reach people from greater distances. Not only that but because of the functionality of bags, your advert is likely to reach a large number of people with your clients carrying it around on their backs as they travel around. This ensures that your logo will reach many people.

The best ways to distribute your promotional drawstring bags…

Travel Express Drawstring BagThere are a few different ways you can distribute your promotional drawstring bags. Their light-weight and ease of folding makes them a great gift to send to clients through the mail! Simply fold it up, slide it into an envelope and dispatch it to your client. There is also the face to face option where you simply give it to them as a gift when they see you at a trade show or exhibition. They would also make a great gift to give out alongside a product or service that your supply as an incentive to purchase your goods. Offering a little extra on top of the service you already give can be the little push to make your client decide to purchase the product.

Quick turnaround

Blue Separation Line

Have you ever branded your own set of promotional drawstring bags? What do you think of these walking billboards? Let us know in the comments below or reach out to us on our social media! Don’t be afraid to share this blog post across the net.

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Quick Turnaround Promotional Products

Quick Turnaround Promotional Products

Products in a hurry…

Need to get your hands on some personalised merchandise as fast as you can? Well luckily we can do quick turnaround promotional products. We have a whole section of quick turnaround promotional products that can be printed and dispatched to be with you in no time at all. We would never advise leaving something as important and as effective in your marketing to the last minute so you can be sure that everything is perfect instead of rushing but sometimes you don’t have a lot of choice and must make do with the time you have. Well in this blog post we are going to discuss what can be done when its crunch time and the clock is ticking…

Quick turnaround promotional products:

Quick Turnaround Promotional Products - Alaska PenSometimes when you have a deadline you need to make or there is a last-minute event you need to attend you need quick turnaround promotional products. This is why it is important for us to get things done fast and efficiently keeping quality and customer experience as our top priority. Some of our fast-promotional products such as the Alaska Frost Pen and the Alaska Diamond Pen can be produced and dispatched with the branding of your choice in as little as 24hrs after artwork approval. Coming in a wide range of colours such as green, white, pink, red and many more, this pen is so popular amongst our current clients due to how the quick turnaround time is, not to mention how cost effective it is. This is a perfect fast promotional product for giveaways, events, or clients even if you need products for a last-minute exhibition or trade show as this is the shortest lead time we have on the site! Being able to order, approve, produce and deliver in just a few days!

Quick Turnaround Promotional Products - Cambridge MugSome people believe that because these product are produced faster than other products on the site that they may dip in quality. This is not the case as these quick turnaround promotional products are of a very high quality and are a great price. Other fast promotional products that we offer are things like our 48 hour Cambridge Mug, which is a classic mug very popular amongst our current client base this mug has a large printing area of 185 x 70 mm that can be printed with up to 4 colours. this is perfect for company details and logos, this mug is one of our best sellers as it is a classic mug with a 330ml capacity, these can be dispatched in as little as 48 hours after artwork approval. This shows how you still have the same quality even though the lead time has decreased.

Quick Turnaround Promotional Products - Cambridge MugIn fact it is quite common that products in this range are printed using a full colour print. It is often quicker to print in full colour in apposed to spot colours or other branding methods as each item only has to go into the machine once and then left to dry whereas other methods may need to go in multiple times. Products like our Express Trolley Coin Keyring employ this method and means that you can have a gorgeous looking print in a short amount of time. This also shows that even though you may have only a little amount of time to get things ready and sent off before production, you can still wow you clients. An issue with this however is that this printing is usually more expensive but is worth it for the faster production and higher quality.

If you do have to order the items for your fast turnaround promotion quickly, you have to keep in mind that you must also work quickly to get the artwork to us in the correct file type as you don’t want precious time spent on that when it is drawing closer to your deadline. It also means that revisions should be kept to a minimum as artwork approval will have to be made very quickly in order to produce on time. But don’t worry! We can help in any way needed. Plus with lots of products using full colour prints, you won’t have to edit the artwork too much to get it to work.

Quick Turnaround Promotional Products - Horizon Tote BagAnother one of our bestsellers is the Horizon Cotton Tote Bag we have. The popularity of this product is due to it being part of the green and good range we offer, All the cotton used is sourced sustainably and the factories are all SEDEX audited. These bags combine high quality with a great price the reason they are so popular and successful is due to the advertising potential as they are used so often and the branding is exposed almost every day. These bags are promoting recycling alongside promoting your brand, they look great as they have such a large print area of 280x320mm on a 380x420mm bag and can be with you 5 days after artwork approval! If 5 days is too long we also offer the Invincible 5oz Cotton Shopper this is a fast-promotional product that has a 3-day lead time after artwork approval.

We have a whole range of different  Quick Turnaround Promotional Products available. Have a look by following the link below:

Quick turnaround

Blue Separation Line

We would always recommend that you order and create your artwork as soon as possible as with longer lead times, you have more time to customize and make the product perfect. You also can make the product more bespoke and more unique to you with more time devoted to it. Plus the lack of stress is good for everybody. What do you think? Have you ever had to plan a quick turnaround promotion? Let us know by commenting bellow or reaching out to us on our social media channels…

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Promotional Easter Products

Promotional Easter Products

Easter is coming! Considered one of the major holidays in the UK, it’s no wonder that so many companies and businesses jump on the wagon and promote alongside the holiday with promotional Easter products to boost brand awareness and sales. There are a lot of different ways to brand alongside the holiday as there is lots of different imagery and icons that are used with Easter it’s just a case of choosing what you want to do.

Promotional Easter Products - Easter EggsStarting with the most obvious product to brand during this holiday, that being promotional Easter Eggs. These are good for any charity Easter egg hunts or giveaways. Everybody loves chocolate and would love to receive your branded Easter eggs. It’s a staple of the holiday and people are going to want to collect as many Easter eggs as they can so join in on their collection and get a bit of advertising done at the same time. Some people are often confused where and how the egg has become a symbol of Easter and don’t see the connection. The egg is a symbol of rebirth and new life. With the holiday of Easter being based around the Christian story of the resurrection of Jesus the connection becomes clear. Now is the perfect time to get some branded Easter eggs these can be bought in various quantities and they come in a full colour box which can be branded however you would like.

Promotional Easter Products - Chick Stress ToyA common saying that is thrown around a lot is “don’t count your chickens before they hatched”. So if you don’t want to supply your clients with a delicious chocolate treat for them to enjoy, the next best thing would be to give them the chicken. Promotional stress toys are a great promotional product as they can be themed around anything you like so there’s no wonder that it can even be applied to Easter. We would recommend this cute promotional Easter product in the shape of a chick bursting out of its eggshell of something similar. Similar to the eggs, chicks are used to symbolise new life and may just be the thing to inject new life into your marketing. We can do stress toys of any shape and size so if you have any alternative idea, don’t be afraid to inquire.

Promotional Easter Products - Rabbit Message BugsAnother great promotional Easter product can be things like bunny ear headbands and bunny message bugs, message bugs specifically are a great and fun way to advertise your business as they are so diverse these can be stuck to almost any surface. A good way to distribute these little promotional Easter products would be to have them hidden amongst Easter eggs in egg hunts or just have them as a giveaway at any Easter fares, the ribbon the animal sits on can be branded with up to full colour and they are a cost effective popular promotional item. These message bugs come in almost every animal you can think of but around this time of year the well-known Easter bunny is a popular one.  The Easter bunny legend comes from America in the 1700s where it was said that good children who created good nests in their bonnets would be rewarded by the Easter bunny coming and laying colourful eggs in the nests. The bunny isn’t the only animal associated with laying eggs as different countries and cultures have different beliefs that include different animals such as foxes and cuckoos. The message bugs can be turned around very fast and have a 7-10 day lead time which is perfect if you need a promotional Easter product last minute.

That is just a few ideas that we have regarding promotional Easter products. Have  you ever done a promotion themed around easter or just want to share your ideas? Well leave a comment below or reach out to us on our social media channels!

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Printed Stress Balls – How do they work?

Printed Stress Balls and how they work

The Possibilities are Endless…

Printed stress balls are an amazing promotional product because there are no limitations on how they can be branded. What shape they are can be both pre-moulded designs that are ready to be branded or completely bespoke and made custom to your specific desires and wants. This means that these products can apply to any business. No matter what industry you are in, there is a stress toy for you. The shape, colour, print specifications and even the squishiness can be customised to suit you needs.  For example, someone in the sports industry could brand a golf club shaped stress toy or a football or someone in the construction business might fancy a digger shape or drill.

How they work.

Lady stressed with workOne thing people want to know is “do they relieve stress?” The short answer is yes they do. In fact, printed stress balls are scientifically proven to relieve the user of stress and help them relax. The reason for this is first of all the novelty of a stress toy is what initially encourages someone to it pick up and play with it. This is when the stress relief begins. The reason they work is because when you are stressed the sensory brain channel is blocked as the brain is trying to deal with whatever is causing the distress in the first place. The act of repeatedly squeezing the printed stress ball keeps your brain and your body physically occupied which, in turn, causes you mind to lose focus on the destressing factor you are worrying about and centre your attention on they toy. Your brain focuses its resources on controlling the muscles in your hand to repeat the squeezing action therefore you are distracted and you can clear your mind, working as a temporary relief of tension.

The original Stress Balls.

Baoding ballsThe origin of the stress ball can be traced back to the city of Baoding in China. Back then they were known as iron balls because they’re primarily made from iron as opposed to closed cell the polyurethane foam that printed stress balls are made from nowadays and worked in an immensely different way. Baoding Balls have little chimes inside them and as you rolled the balls around in your hands they emit a relaxing sound which worked in tandem with the motion to calm the user and alleviate stress. The same type of stress balls can still be found and used today for the same reason as modern printed stress balls although back in 1368 AD they were used in warrior training as a way of exercising the hand to improve various things like circulation, strength and coordination as well as a way to release steam.

How The Modern Printed Stress Balls Came to be.

The modern day stress ball was created by a New Yorker by the name of Alex Carswell who, after an intense telephone conversation, hung up his phone and in a bout of rage picked up his pen from his desk and launched it at a picture (the incorrect way to use a promotional pen we would say). After hearing the sound of the picture frame breaking as it smashed on the ground, he felt his anger and strife fade away. After realising that this was an impractical way to relieve the stress of everyday (i.e. he only had a limited amount of picture frames to break) he wanted to create a less destructive way to vent frustration. This lead to the creation of the stress ball in 1988. Slightly different from the modern day printed stress ball, this ball had a speaker and other gadgetry to simulate the sound of smashing glass when thrown or dropped and to recreate the same feeling that Alex felt after that infuriating call.

Choosing the right stress toy for you.

Printed Stress Balls and ToysYou can get both standard designs of stress toys and more custom made ones. Some of the advantages of choosing a standard shape of stress toy is that the moulds already exist therefore the production time is shortened which is optimal for when you have a deadline or don’t want to have to wait for a custom moulded one to be produced. Another advantage is that there is a lower cost involved so it is cheaper to choose a standard stress ball. However this also limits your choices as choosing a standard printed stress ball restricts how relevant the promotional printed stress ball is to your business, whereas a custom printed stress toy is 100% bespoke however you would like it, so is more unique.

have a look at our range of printed stress balls and stress toys here:

Stress toy range

Blue Separation Line

And here is a brief history of Printed Stress Balls and how they work? What do you think of them? Do you keep any stress toys at home or in the office? Let us know by leaving a comment below or messaging us on our social media channels…

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Source of “How stress balls work”…

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Fun Promotional Items – Having fun with it

Fun Promotional Items - Having Fun With It

Why Fun Promotional Items Work

It is important to consider what your clients would see as fun. This is important because fun promotional items create a larger impression on your target audience than your standard and basic products. Providing them with an enjoyable, positive brand experience makes you more memorable than your competitors and, in turn, more likely to choose you over them. The aim of fun promotional items is ultimately to get people to remember your brand ahead of your competition and potentially use your company in the future.

Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies

One way to make promotional items fun is when you aim the campaign at a certain group of people and make it feel more personalised to the individual person. For example, our Promotional Fortune Cookies can be branded with 5 different individual messages within the cookies. These are a good idea for keeping loyal customers because they can feel more personal and makes the reader believe that the fortune inside is written about them. With the personalised messages you can make the fortune the customer reads relevant to your brand as a joke or humorous reference that could make them laugh and, in turn, have a more positive outlook of your brand.

Mint Twister

Mint Twister

Unusual products or merchandise that are not as commonly used by companies are more likely to get people’s attentions over something they may have received from 4 other companies. For example if at an exhibition or trade show a prospect receives 15 pens from different companies, your company may get forgotten or not stand out above the rest. It will attract more people if your gift to them is fun and attention grabbing as they are more entertained and satisfied by the product over your competitors. Sometimes all that is needed is to provide a similar product with a new twist. For example, mint tins are always popular with clients. Who wouldn’t want a little box or breath freshening and tasty treats. If you wanted to stand out though you could provide your customers with our very own Mint Twister instead, not only providing them with the sweetness they desire but also a fun little distraction. The hemisphere design of this product allows for easy spinning and the print on the top allows for some truly unique and creative designs that work in tandem with the functionality to flourish…


Bespoke Stress Toys

Some products that will pique someone’s interest are things such as branded Rubik’s Cubes, Projecting Torches, and Bubble Blowers these are all products available from us and can be branded to fit the needs of the company. A very popular fun promotional product that isn’t industry specific and has no limitations when it comes to how it looks are Bespoke Stress Toys. These can be moulded to any shape you would like, creating a fun promotional item that is wholly unique and interesting. These are a fun promotional product that look great and can be used by and appeal to anyone and everyone.



Printed Balloons

When it comes to events or exhibitions it is important that everything to looks good to entice people to come over and inquire about your brand and about your services. That’s why Promotional Merchandise such as balloons can be a good way to achieve this because they are colourful and can be any size you would like and are very cost effective. Having fun promotional products will not only attract the attention of potential customers but statistics show that 60% of customers have a positive reaction when they are exposed to branded promotional products.


Also something to remember, if the promotional product you choose to brand is fun, you’ll be having fun with it as well and if you’re having fun it’s likely that your clients are going to enjoy themselves as well. So enjoy yourself, it will be good for you and your clients as well. What do you think? Have you produced any fun promotional items before or do you plan to? Let us know either below or on our social media channels…

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Promotional Items For Specific Industries

When choosing the right promotional items it is important to consider what industry you are a part of. This is because different products and merchandise may work better with different industries because they may appeal more to a company’s target audience or the product may fit with the theming of the business. We have over 2000 products that can be branded to fit your needs depending on what you are looking for so you need to think about what your brand is centered around (the product or service your provide and if you can theme the promotional merchandise around that) and your target audience (what would appeal to them). Here are a few examples of this logic being put into place.

Technology Companies – Promotional items for the techies

USB sticks and Mouse Mats are popular Promotional Items in the IT industryCompanies in the IT and technology industry often benefit from products such as USBs as they are relevant to the companies employees as a means of storing files they may need for work like to transfer files to another computer or to give certain files to a client. They are also good to give to prospects at events or through the mail because promotional items such as USBs are something that clients are unlikely to throw away because of the potential of future use and it would increase brand exposure as every time they use it they see your artwork emblazoned on the hard drive. It’s fairly common as well for people to attach their USB sticks to their keys in case they need it when they are out and about increasing exposure by a lot! We have many variations of brand able USB flash drives on our website one of our best sellers being the twist USB, these come in a large range of different colours and you can choose the memory size and how you would like to brand them.

Other products related to the IT and technology industry are things such as Mouse Mats, we have a wide range of mouse mats that can be branded in up to full colour in an assortment of sizes and shapes a popular one being the Brite-Mat Lite. The combination of low price with a high-quality is what makes it so popular and the ability to print full colour makes your logo and artwork really pop of your clients desk meaning that it not only catches the eyes of the user but also the attention of people passing by.

Pubs & Breweries – Raise a glass towards a good promotion

Conique Pint Glass is popular amongst pubsPromotional Items that are popular and effective for industry’s like pubs and breweries are products such as glasses. It may seem quite obvious why as customers need something to drink from and why not have your logo emblazoned on there.  They are a requirement for a pub and would be used by almost every customer and would give off a good sense of synergy between the bar and utensils, making for a better experience. If you are trying to attract new customers having a giveaway of the glasses at beer festivals and other relevant festivals would be a good way to bring in business because glasses are a popular product amongst lots of people and especially popular with “alcohol enthusiasts”. The Conique Pint Glass and the Conique Half Pint Glass are the two most popular glasses on our site as there modern style and are a popular design used in many pubs already, plus they are perfect for advertising your logo. A product that works well alongside these glasses for pubs is our printed beer mats that can be branded in full colour to both sides for a competitive low making them extremely cost effective.

Schools & Universities – Take note

Note books are popular amongst Schools and Universities Schools and universities have always seen a lot of success when it comes to promotional merchandise hence why the range of promotional items that are popular amongst this industry is huge. A popular product that is commonly used is Notebooks as students would find a lot of use with merchandise like that, taking notes about certain subjects to refer to later or to revise from. Going the extra step would involve supplying a Printed Pen so they have a way to write in their note book. If they do begin to use your notebook and pen, which is highly doubtful that they would get rid of it due to the usefulness it could accomplish in the future, your brand exposure will go up a lot from their usage of your item meaning thatPens are popular amongst Schools and Universities you will be in their mind whenever they think about your industry. We have lots of notebooks on our website with a very diverse choice of branding. Stationary is also popular in this industry as schools and universities often have open days in order to attract new student and at these events it is very common to have giveaway to those who attend.


Blue Separation Line

This is only scratching the surface of the topic with different businesses reaching different people and niches. We just hope we have illustrated the point that not all products will work for all businesses and that you should put some thought into what you want to brand as it can have an effect on your Return of Investment. Although this is the case with most promotional items some items have such a wide appeal that we have found that most companies find success when using them when used correctly. Our tote bag range has such a wide appeal and so many customisation options that it is hard to go wrong with them. Give advice on what has worked for your industries  in the past by commenting below or reaching out to us through our social media…

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Promotional Cotton Bags – Best Promotional Product?

Promotional Cotton Bags - Best Promotional Product?

Promotional Cotton bags – The Portable Billboard…

Statistics show that promotional cotton tote bags are one of the most effective promotional products you can buy! They are tried and tested by thousands of businesses and are a proven success for companies. Being our bestselling product on a site with hundreds if not thousands of products must show how effective they are and how much demand there is for them. From a marketing stand point, promotional tote bags are used to advertise a business and spread awareness of a company with their large branding area turning the product into a billboard that can be taken on the go. Recipients of the bag however will have lots of different uses for them such as using them the take their lunch to work, they can be used alongside a handbag to carry things such as school books/ folders and with the increase in people’s interest in fitness they are often used for gym kit.

Plastic carrier bags cost 5p

Promotional cotton bags have always been one of the most effective promotional product however the reason they are becoming increasingly popular over the past year is due to the government introducing the 5p plastic bag tax. The tax not only means that shops have to charge a minimum of 5p for a plastic bag but also means you may have to keep paying money to get plastic bags that are easily breakable in order to replace them. Offering a bag would be highly sought after from your clients.

Eco friendly Promotional Cotton BagsThe push to take care of the environment is still going strong so show your support for this cause with our bags! These bags are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic carrier bags that can be reused over and over again and can be recycled. Not to mention the fact that they look great. Moreover, plastic bags can be very harmful to the environment as people litter them when they don’t need them and can be hazardous to animals and plants. Providing a Bag for life like our printed tote bags will entice them to stop littering plastic bags and will mean they will keep the tote bag for its quality, usefulness and stylishness.

Camelot Promotional Tote BagChoosing the right promotional cotton bag is important as it is a reflection on your company. we offer many different bags or varying styles, colours and sizes on our website our bestseller being the 5oz Horizon Cotton Tote Bag. The size of the bag you choose depends on what it will be used for. Sometimes when promotional cotton tote bags are given out to customers they are given out for a specific purpose. For example, a gym may give a promotional cotton bag to new members for their gym clothes, therefore picking a bag with a wider gusset like the Camelot Promotional Cotton Bag may be more appropriate

When it comes to branding, there are no limits on how promotional cotton tote bags can be branded; full colour or solid colours, you have the choice of printing on one side or both sides of the bag. Artwork visuals will be created for your approval before anything goes into production so you will know exactly how the promotional bag will look so you know they will meet your standards.

Horizon tote bagOur printed bags are a perfectly balanced combination of a high-quality bag with a low price which is why they are so cost effective and why they have become the most popular product on our site! There are different distribution techniques that can be used to give our a fantastic gift like this, such as handing them out to new customers or giving them out at trade shows or special events, mailing them to your customers or prospects or even selling them on the shop floor. They are also great for companies that are working to a tight schedule as our promotional cotton Bags will be dispatched to you 5 days after artwork approval for most bags with faster products like the Invincible Cotton Tote Bags being dispatched 3 days after.


What do you think to the potential of Cotton Tote Bags? Let us know on our social media channels or by commenting below…

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Americano Mugs VS Paper Cups – The Greener Way

Americano vs Paper Cups: The Greener Way

Americano mugs have a fantastic strength that wouldn’t usually spring to mind when you think about them; that they make your environmental footprint a lot greener. Now we can, and have, talked about other benefits of branding and Americano to give out to your clients like their amazing colour choices, fantastic branding options and the great advertising opportunity available but in this blog post we are going to discuss what makes the Americano a green product that will make your customers that little bit more eco-friendly.


The Problem With Paper Cups

Starbucks Paper Cups

Starbucks Paper Cups

To understand why our Americano range of mugs is green we have to look at what the main alternative is; the paper cups given out by Coffee shops and Cafés like Starbucks, Nero and Costa. With coffee shops being so large in the UK, providing the perfect pick-me-up on the mornings before work, it’s no surprise that we go through a lot of these cups. It is estimated that 8 million cups are given out in a single day resulting in 3 Billion coffee cups being given out throughout the entire year! You may be thinking that this wouldn’t be a bad thing if the majority of these cups were recycled however less than 1 in every 400 cups is actually recycled! That is approximately 2.9 billion that are wasted and trashed after one use. People are either not in the vicinity of a recycling bin or do not have time to worry about such things.

Whether the cups can be recycled in the first place is up for debate. Most people believe that these cups are recyclable due to their body being made from paper. If that was the case though coffee would soak through the paper and rips and spillage would happen with every cup. This is why these cups are given a plastic coating making it waterproof and able to carry liquids. Although cheap and effective when it comes to selling warm drinks but raises issues when it comes to recycling. Only a few select companies will actually go through the process of separating the plastic from the paper.


Americano To The Rescue!

Americano In the midst of Autumn

Americano In the midst of Autumn

Although work is being made on creating a paper cup that is easy to recycle, there is no way of telling when these new cups will be put into place. Besides, there is an alternative that will not only reduce your environmental footprint but also can be very stylish and can open up some great advertising opportunities. As you have probably guessed by now, offering your clients your very own branded Americano Mug will help the environment as it provides a gorgeous alternative to your standard paper cup, thus reducing waste rates, plus with the amount of colour options, sizes, accessories and branding options allow you to create an eye-catching product that will get your message out there. The Americano Mugs also is an item that no one will ever throw away, providing them great usage for the many years that it is in use and constantly giving your message of being green.

What’s more, every product in the Americano Range is on offer until the end of this year! Use the discount code “AM10OFF” to get 10% off any Americano product.

Americano Line Up

See The Americano Range


What’s your opinion? Did you know that the paper cups given out aren’t always recyclable? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media channels.

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History of the Promotional Products Industry

The History of the Promotional Products Industry

Everything has a history and a story to tell…

With how massive the promotional products industry is today, it’s important to understand how it began and where it started to see how it has changed along the way by having a look back at the history of this fine business. Seeing that we are barmy about promotional products we thought that we would do our research to find out how this industry has grown to place it is now and make a fancy blog post for you to enjoy! So prepare your flux capacitor and begin the build up to 88mph as we jump back in time to 1789!


George Washington badgeThe first recorded time that promotional products were used in history they took the form of commemorative buttons. They were worn by military officers to show their support for George Washington during the election period. Back in the day these things used to be really expensive, which is why only elite members of the army could afford and wear them. At this time though, there was still no “industry” so to speak. Just a few examples of people branding materials to promote themselves or their company.

Jasper Freemont Meek

It wasn’t until the late 19th century when the industry started to take flight when a lightbulb came to life in Jasper Freemont Meek’s head. Jasper owned a Newspaper printing press in the state of Ohio in the USA and was trying to think of something his staff could do while they were unengaged between printing the various editions of papers. The idea to print onto a product came to him when he saw a child struggle to carry all his books that he needed for school. He came up with a plan; print a marketing phrase onto a book bag and give them out for free to kids at school who would then advertise the company wherever they walked with the bag. So that’s what he did! He printed the phrase “Buy Cantwell Shoes”, advertising his friends shoe shop, and gave them out. This turned out to be very successful earning both parties a lot of money and soon they moved into more than just bags with things like rulers, marble bags and fly swatters. Quite interesting to see that one of the first products produced in the industry was a bag and in the current day, our most popular promotional product is the Horizon Cotton Bag

His success had not gone unnoticed as rival newspaper manufacturers began to follow his example and began printing on other products to advertise businesses. One rival ditched the newspaper industry all together to focus on promotional products and introduced new ways to print and designers were hired to create more creative and complex prints.

During this time that America was experimenting and finding out what worked with promotional products, all of us here in the UK were none the wiser and kept advertising our brands with newspaper ads and billboards. The industry didn’t make the jump across The Pond until the 1950′s and didn’t explode until the 1970′s when big companies began to see the value of getting their logos out and into the public giving advertising for massive amounts of people. Building a positive Corporate Identity by giving our gifts with your artwork printed on there was also realised by British businesses to be a great way to drive sales. As the demand for branded merchandise continued to grow and grow, the demand for new and different products was also growing. This lead to expanded catalogues and companies that only focused on specific products instead of a wide selection of products.

Christmas promotional productsBuying habits changed as well as up until the 1990′s most companies only bought this kind of merchandise at Christmas time to act as gifts and to boost sales on the lead up to Christmas. This changed in the nineties as marketers began to experiment more and buy and distribute products through the full year instead of just near the end. Britain also became more multicultural and marketing at Christmas time wouldn’t reach every person because there were more people in the UK who didn’t celebrate it.

CatalogueThe final major shift in the industry can still be felt to this day and that change is with the use of physical catalogues. In the past, catalogues were seen as the main driver of sales with companies mailing out full catalogues to as many people as possible to make them aware of what they can provide. During the early 2000′s companies started to only send their catalogues to specific people to try and get their foot in the door and to act like a “business card” so they can contact you in the future. The growth of the internet is usually cited as the reason behind this as people can now see your entire range and search through it with a few clicks on the mouse, not only making it easier to find the product you were after but also faster and simpler. Products can be added, removed and edited easier as well to clients are sure they are receiving the right information. We are the prime example of this as we do not have a hard copy catalogue instead using an entirely digital method instead.


We hope you enjoyed this brief look at the history of our humble industry. It was interesting for us to see how it has changed over time to become what it is now. Let us know what you think by commenting below or connecting with us on our social media channels.

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