The Impact Technological Promotional Products can have on your business.

Promotional products, in general, are a highly impactful asset to promoting awareness of a company generally speaking. With the huge influx in development of technology as a whole. Therefore technological promotional products have come onto the scene in a big way.

Extend the longevity of your Brand!

The idea of a promotional product in itself is to display a product or brand for a long period of time, acting as an advertisement for your company. So ideally the product should be long-lasting and practical. This is evidenced fundamentally by the materials the products themselves are made of, with plastics and metal components being common. Some great examples of product longevity include products such as a pen or mug, being exceptional examples of this as at least one promotional product in the majority of people’s homes, evidencing the lasting effect of these items.

It’s always great to be trendy

Technology is a highly trend-based medium, catering to the immediate need of the consumer, a great example of this the usage of power banks. With the increase in popularity of smartphones, taking into account the fact that people use mobile devices in excess, as well as their limited battery capacity. This led to a surge in the consumption of power banks. Eventually leading to the route of promotion and give away, as smaller power banks are easily stored and more portable. Another example that is highly trend based is the implementation of selfie stick and other “selfie” affiliated products. This piggy-backed hugely from the selfie trend and the influence of social media in popular culture. Which ultimately benefits marketers as on-trend branding is a great way to maximise the audience your company can reach.

What your product can say about you

Promotional products are a great way to reflect brand values, referring back to the pen example, the quality of pen that you can choose. A lower quality pen may cheaper and more readily available, however, may break in within a few uses. Conversely, if you use a promotional pen of a higher quality, that lasts, it creates a positive resonance with the customer. Similarly so, with the use of technology as it is already an expensive commodity, therefore the quality is of a higher standard. It would also suggest to customers connotations of class and prestige, with being a technology-based product. Furthermore, technology often has an element of wonder to them, as if it is a new and contemporary product such as a promotional wireless charger. Suggesting that the company associated is up-to-date and relevant.

Speaking conclusively it is becoming increasingly apparent that the future of promotion may lie in more technological products.  This is evidenced by the vast variety, as well as the ability the products have to cater to specific sectors. Overall making technology an overall beneficial thing to consider when choosing a promotional product.

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