Start-up businesses: What are the best promotional products?

Start-up businesses: What are the best promotional products?Many start-up businesses are looking for ways that they are able to grow their business. Many are looking at the traditional ways of marketing, content marketing and paid advertising, but many are missing out on a large section of their target audience by not using promotional products.

What are the best promotional products?

There are a large number of promotional products available, but which ones are the best. The best promotional products are the ones that give the best exposure to you target audience. Here are our top 5 best promotional products:

  • Printed tote bags
  • Promotional mugs
  • Branded pens
  • Branded stress balls
  • Promotional keyrings

Printed tote bags

Printed tote bags are one of the most purchased promotional products, for which we can think of numerous reasons. First of all, promotional bags are a highly cost-effective promotional item. They have a low cost per unit and are designed to last for a long time. They also have a large branding area to allow for you to display your logo and/or message to the masses.

Horizon Tote Bag

Promo Parrot’s Horizon 5oz Cotton Tote Bag

By displaying your branding or message on the side of a promotional bag, you are able to lower your cost per impression drastically. The more people that will see your bag, the lower the costs become. Imagine buying advertising space in Times Square, the shear volume of people that pass through there means that the cost you would be paying for each person to see this would actually be miniscule.

Let’s say that on average 2,000 people pass through Times Square per hour and that you have purchased the billboard for 24 hours at a cost of £10,000. So, in 24 hours you would have reached around 48,000 people. So, if you take the £10,000 and divide that by the total impression (48,000) you get a cost of around £0.21 per impression.

Promotional mugs

Promotional mugs are a great way of ensuring that everyone in the office is happy. We are all aware that coffee is a must have in any office environment, so why not take advantage and promote your brand at the same time. In the UK, an average of 400 million mugs of coffee are consumed daily this is equivalent to 146 billion cups of coffee a year.

Cambridge Mug

Promo Parrot’s best selling promotional mug!

Printed mugs are perfect in almost any situation. Whether they are for an event, launch of a new product or brand, or even just for the office they are a highly effective way of ensuring that your brand name is going to be remembered.

Branded pens

Branded pens are an essential for all businesses. There comes a time where something is urgent and needs to be written down. Many start ups overlook the simple products and go for something much bigger, however, no promotional product has as much influence as a simple promotional pen.

White Curvy Pen

Promo Parrot’s White Curvy Pen

By putting your branding into the hands of your customers, you are giving them a daily reminder about you and your brand. Many business people tend to leave their promotional pens behind at events, conferences and in hotel lobby’s. This is allowing for their pen to come to somebody else aid, but more importantly their branding is going to be in that person’s hand.

Branded stress toys

As I am sure that you are all aware that the stress of owning your own business is very high. A promotional stress toy is a great way to relieve your own stress whilst promoting your business at the same time. With a number of different style available there is bound to be one that will suit your businesses needs.

Promotional Stress Ball

Promo Parrot’s popular Promotional Stress Ball

If none of the printed stress toys we advertise on our site appeal to you, then you can build your own Bespoke Stress Toy. All you have to do is give us a description of what you want the product to be and our design team will be able to create the perfect shape for you and your business. This allows for you to create something truly special and one of a kind, which is sure to stick in your client’s minds.

All in all, there are a large number of promotional products that are perfect for all start-up businesses. Whether you are looking to create a product for use in and around the office, or if you are looking to give them away to people who come to visit your store there is always a product that can match your needs.

For more information about promotional products, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated sales team on  0113 3221010 or drop us and email at

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