Top 5 Travel Promotional Products

The feeling of wanderlust happens to the best of us. That urge to roam free and enjoy the outdoors for what it is. Allow your customers to enjoy it to its fullest with the following promotional products that aren’t only beneficial for your company, but for your customers also.

Oyster Card Wallet:

Oyster Card Wallets

A vastly underappreciated product in itself. The overall importance of an Oyster Card Wallet is to not be overlooked. It makes for a great way to protect important travel cards, such as bus passes and railcards. With them being essential for commuting or general leisurely travel. The ideal part about it being such an essential organisational item, it also doubles up as a great promotional product. From a marketing perspective, this allows for a unique aspect. This would stem from the product being used in a context that it is used in. Being surrounded by commuters, it would allow your brand to be seen by a more business-oriented audience, extending the reach of your brand.

Drawstring bag:

The Trafford Range, Available at Promo Parrot

A drawstring bag is a great hold-all product ideal for a multitude of occasions. It is an easy, practical and functional way to transport a few items around from one location to another. The prime and weather appropriate example for it’s for use as a sports bag, filling it with the spare kit, swimwear and a towel or even muddy boots. Alternatively, it can be used as a day bag, carrying a picnic or other summer essentials such as sun cream or sunglasses. The overall success of this product is due to its universality. The product itself is a household staple without a shadow of a doubt the majority of individuals will have a drawstring bag in their possession and are used and used again. This gives your business an opportunity to brand a product that has a huge amount of longevity, offering a branding space to be viewed frequently.

Power Banks:

Colour Cast Power Banks

One of the handier ones in this list. Power banks have become more prevalent in recent years just to the huge influx of mobile phone usage. The reason power banks are so effective in use is due to the fact that 95% of the UK’s population own a mobile phone. With this staggering statistic, the need to meet the demand becomes more prevalent, it becomes a more important more apparent this is a lucrative marketing proposition. With the opportunity to offer your audience something practical, with your logo, this allows your audience to gradually associate your brand with reliability.


Car Air Freshener:

Car Air Freshener

A great way to give your clients a breath of freshness. Car Air Fresheners act as a subtle yet effective way to market your product. In the age of commuting and transportation, cars become increasingly make a great place to advertise your company. Having an item in a vehicle, not only hits the driver as its audience, it also reaches passengers and passers-by as a secondary audience. Available in a variety of scents and aromas in order to tantalise your potential customers. Often available in a variety of colours, shaped and fragrances, it is a product that can be very effective if implemented properly.

Sports Bottles:

500ml Baseline Sports Bottle

The sports bottle, the ideal product in regards to travel. A great item for those that are on-the-go. The attribute that makes it ideal is that the need for liquid nourishment is ever-present.  So having a product that is reusable, accessible and practical are 3 hugely important qualities in regards to choosing a promotional product. They act as a great marketing piece due to it being portable and easily utilised. It can be a great addition to any marketing campaign, with it being easily marketed to sports teams, schools and regular people alike.

Speaking conclusively, all of the products listed would be ideal for any marketing campaign, due to them all being strong in regards to branding and product longevity.

Promo Parrot is your one-stop shop for all of your promotional product needs. For any further information about promotional products don’t hesitate to call us on 0113 3221010, alternatively, you can email us at

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