Why your company needs brand recognition to thrive

Promoting brand awareness and the importance of one’s goods to an audience dates as far back as ancient Egyptian times when papyrus was used to makes sales messages and wall posters in order to convey a message. As well as having evidence of poems spoken orally in feudal China, in order to entice an audience to purchase confectionary from their stands. Without a doubt, brand awareness is critical to a company’s success, or else, how will anybody know about your company? In this blog, I will be going over the how and the why brand recognition is a great tool to let your company thrive!

A great looking logo:

A selection of popular company logos

It’s often said to never judge a book by its cover, however, how often is that saying adhered to? In the fast-paced society to which we have come accustom, data flies by us rapidly. As we have access to vast varieties of differing information at the ends of our fingertips, through our mobile phones and other wireless devices. So this highlights the importance to have a great looking logo that can stand out in the saturated market that exists. Logo creation in itself is a difficult task, it’s hard to encapsulate what your company may represent and stand for. Annotations and denotations of a logo are very important.

An example of Nike’s simplistic marketing slogan.

Simplicity often has a great effect. A very good example of this is the Nike Swoosh. Nike has a very secure foothold as a sporting brand in popular culture, with it being featured in countless amounts of other media. In Films such as “Forest Gump” and in popular music, with multiple references to the popularised trainer the “Jordan”. Its relative success came through countless marketing campaigns, often featuring the succinct taglines such as “Just Do It”. This emphasis on simplicity often highlights the success of a brand, having a unique and highly recognisable concept for a logo. Speaking from a merchandising standpoint, a simple logo is far easier to print and transfer across multiple iterations of promotional materials, this can vary anywhere from a humble pen, all the way through to something far more complex such as a wireless charger hub.

Communicating your brand message:

Having a brand ethos is very important. Knowing your companies goals and objectives and communicating that through your companies marketing materials, is a great way to express openness to potential customers and clients alike. A prolific example of this was in 2015 when Coca-Cola launched its “Share a Coke” campaign. Which featured various names from all around the world in a variety of languages. This is a great example of communicating a brand ethos to your audience, as it offered an element of personalisation to their audience, addressing them directly and being active and engaging in its nature. Now, in reality, this is a tough act to follow, as not every company has the budget to carry this out. The trick is it to reimagine it on a smaller scale. Say if the context were to be a trade show in your specific industry. You would very much want the appropriate promotional product to surmise your marketing campaign.

Why is promotional merchandise important?

Promotional merchandise acts as a great tool to communicate your brand message as a whole. It allows you to address your audience through the use of something tangible and acts as a great means of staying relevant to your audience.

A selection of Curvy pens available at promoparrot.com

One of the most critical things to consider in this regard is quantity or quality? In the realm of promotional merchandise both are important. The obvious thing to take into account is the budget your company may have. With a lower budget, it may be advisory to go for a lower cost product, this is not necessarily an issue, as the lower cost items tend to have high quantities. Referring back to the trade show example, you would be way more likely to reach more individuals with your promotional products, as you would have more to give away. This would allow you to resonate with a wider audience.

The Parker Jotter Pen available at promoparrot.com


On the flip side of that, going for a higher quality product is likely to leave a stronger impression with your customer, as they could be legitimately impressed by the product you may gift them with. To give a named example, the classic curvy pen and the parker jotter. The Curvy Pen being a great, cost-effective way to reach the said broader audience. Whereas the Parker Jotter, would be an investment, yet people are aware of the established quality of Parker pens. Both of these methods are very valid, it’s just a matter of how you’d want to communicate your message to your audience. It’s also a great method of staying in the customer psyche, as it allows your customer to possess a product with your logo on it, and if it provides some element of practical use it will gradually become ingrained in the mind of the customer and will be more inclined to consider your company for this reason.

In conclusion, creating brand recognition is very important to your company’s success as it allows you to stay prevalent and stand out amongst your competitors.

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